Upcycled Jazzy Journal

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Why spend money on a fancy journal when you can make one yourself? This project turns a plain composition book into the jazziest journal around. There's just one problem. It's so cute you won't want to keep it a secret.
Here's what you need:
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Magazines
- Glue stick
- Tooth pick
- Photo cut to 4 x 3 inches
- Craft glue
- Composition book

Step 1

Measure and cut 106 squares of colorful magazine paper about 3 inches square.

Step 2

Use a glue stick to apply glue diagonally from corner to corner on the back side of one square.

Step 3

Starting at one glued corner tightly roll the square around a toothpick to form a tiny tube. Hold the end down for a few seconds to secure. Snip a bit of the ends off the tube's sides so they are flat.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 with all the magazine pieces.

Step 5

Center and glue a 4 x 3 inch photo on the cover of the composition notebook.

Step 6

Use craft glue to attach 11 tubes vertically on either side of the photo. Glue each tube close to the previous tube so the notebook cover doesn't show through.

Step 7

Glue the remaining 84 tubes on side by side to cover the front of the notebook and let dry.

Step 8

You can also make a diamond shape around the photo with the paper tubes or cover the entire journal with colorful tubes.

Step 9

This tutorial is excerpted with permission from "Re-Craft: Unique Projects That Look Great (and Save the Planet)" by Carol Sirrine (Author), Jen Jones (Author) and published by Capstone Young Readers.

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