Upcycled Sneakers with Hand-Printed Button Design

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Here's a great project to refashion sneakers: all you need is a button and some ink. Printing with buttons gives a quirky alternative to a polka dot print. One color makes them more sophisticated, but more colors = more fun!
Excerpted with permission from Fresh Prints: 25 Easy and Enticing Printing Projects to Make at Home (Simple Makes).
Thin cardboard
Pair of canvas shoes
Masking tape
Various buttons
Sandpaper (optional)
Gray and orange printing inks
Palette knife
Glass plate
Brayer (ink roller)
Double-sided tape

Step 1

Make two rough semicircles from the cardboard to place inside the toes of your shoes. This gives a firmer base to print onto. Also stick some tape around the rubber edge and remove any shoe laces.

Step 2

Choose a variety of buttons in different shapes and sizes. The buttons that work best are ones that have a very flat side and no indentations or ridges. If they are shiny, give them a light rub with sandpaper on the flat side to help the ink adhere better. Mix up a gray ink on the glass plate and roll it out to a fine consistency. The best way to get firm and even pressure on the button is to stick it directly to your index finger using double-sided tape.

Step 3

Roll out some orange ink and print a few buttons to add color. Leave to dry overnight.

Step 4

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