Vintage Books Become Stylish Jewelry

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Create a dramatic disk necklace using pages from a favorite book. The completed project is stylish and elegant, and the process is simple enough for kids to accomplish in an afternoon.
Adapted from Jason Thompson's "Playing with Books: The Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, and Reimagining the Book," published by Quarry Books. Jason is also the co-owner of Rag & Bone Bindery.
- Book pages
- Hole punch
- Circle punch
- Necklace materials (wire, leather or string)
- Other decorative materials (optional)

Source: , Playing with Books: The Art of Upcycling, Deco...

Step 1

Paper Pages to Paper Circles:
Punch the hole in the center of the circles before punching the circles themselves. The hole in the center of the circle is like a hole in a bead, the closer it is to the center, the more symmetrical the final necklace will appear.
Use a circle punch (available in various diameters) to complete the circular paper beads. Hold the circle punch upside down, so that you can see that the punched hole is accurately centered in the circle.

Step 2

String the Beads:
String the paper beads onto the necklace material; string, leather or wire. The paper circles can be spaced with beads or other decorative elements.

Step 3

Note: Paper pages from old books can crack or crease. Punch a few circles and handle for a moment before going ahead with the project, to be sure the paper circles don't tear.
Variation: Create color variations in the necklace by alternating groups of circles from different books. Alternate circle sizes to create varying strands. The more circles used in the necklace, the more dramatic it will appear. Choose the book carefully; chances are, someone will want to know which book was used, and why.

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