Waist Apron Pattern with Pockets

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This cute half apron with pockets works well for cooking or entertaining. In "The Apron Book -- Making, Wearing and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort," EllyaAnne Geisel offers plenty of tips and lore about that piece of cloth you wipe your hands on while cooking, including to pre-launder the material you plan to use to make an apron before you start cutting and sewing. There are many more suggestions where that came from (which is also where this how-to came from).
Materials you Will Need:
1 yard (36 inches) fabric, 42-45 inches wide
Matching thread
A ruler
A pencil
Straight pins

Source: ,Amazon.com: The Apron Book: Making, Wearing, and Sharing a...

Step 1

Cutting the pattern
Step 1: Place your fabric so the right side is facing up and the longest edge of fabric is horizontal.
Step 2: Measure and mark with your pencil a line 20 inches above the bottom edge of the fabric and cut out this piece. This is your apron’s skirt.
Step 3: Cut out these pieces as illustrated in Step 1 image:
Two 4 x 30-inch ties
One 5 x 19-inch waistband
Two 8 x 8-inch pockets

Step 2

Sewing the apron
For the skirt: Hemming the side edges
Step 1: Lay your fabric wrong side up. (See step 2 image) Turn in the left raw edge ¼ inch and do the

same with the right raw edge. Press with a warm iron. Fold both edges in ¼ inch once
more and press.
Step 2: Stitch a narrow hem down each edge.

Step 3

Preparing the gathers
Step 1: At the top raw edge, find the center of your apron’s skirt and mark it with a straight pin.
(See Step 2 imag)
Step 2: Measure 5/8 inch down. Mark this measurement from one side of the apron to the other.
Step 3: Set the machine for a loose basting stitch (4-5). Pull the thread from the needle and bobbin so you have approximately 6 inches of excess before you start sewing.
Step 4: Sew across the top of the skirt 5/8 inch from the raw edge. Before clipping the threads, pull 6 inches from the needle and bobbin as above. Now sew a second basting stitch just above the first, ½ inch from the raw edge, again pulling the threads 6 inches from each end before clipping.
Step 5: Reset your machine to a regular stitch (2-3).

Step 4

Hemming the bottom edge
Step 1: Turn the bottom raw edge up ¼ inch and press. (See Step 4 image) Fold the bottom up 1-3/4 inches and press again.
Step 2: Stitch a narrow hem edge to edge. Note that the top edge remains raw. Set the skirt aside.

Step 5

For the ties
Step 1: Lay one tie wrong side up. Turn in the right raw edge ¼ inch and press. Fold in ¼ inch
once more and press.
Step 2: Stitch from end to end.
Step 3: Repeat the steps above for second tie.
Step 4: Turn in the top and bottom raw edges ¼ inch and press. (See Step 5 image) Fold in 1/4 inch once
more and press.
Step 5: Stitch from end to end. Note that left edge remains raw. Set the ties aside.
Tie Variation
To create pointed tie ends, fold down the right side of the finished end 45 degrees and press.

Step 6

For the waistband
Step 1: With wrong side up, turn left and right raw edges ½ inch and press. (See Step 6 image)
Step 2: Turn up the bottom raw edge ½ inch and press. Note that the top edge remains raw. Set
the waistband aside.

Step 7

For basic pocket
Step 1: Pin together the two 8-inch squares so the right sides are facing each other. (See step 7 image.) Starting on the bottom, stitch around the entire square 1/2 inch from the edge, leaving a 1/2-inch opening at the bottom in order to turn the pocket.
Step 2: Trim the corners as shown.
Step 3: Turn the pocket right side out, pushing it through the opening. Turn the raw edges back
into the opening and press the entire pocket.

Step 8

Step 4: Measure 4 inches down from the skirt’s top edge and 7 inches in from the right or left side. (See Step 8 image.) Pin your pocket here.
Step 5: Topstitch around the two sides and the bottom of the pocket. Backstitch at the beginning and end points for added strength.

Step 9

Gathering the skirt
Step 1: Place the right side of the waistband on the right side of the skirt. (See Step 9 image.) The raw edges should meet at the top.
Step 2: Mark the center of your waistband with a straight pin and match it up to the pin at the center of your apron’s skirt. Pin the centers together at this point.
Step 3: Gently pull both threads from the right side of the skirt, adjusting the gathers that form so they run evenly along the waistband, pinning as you go along.
Step 4: When your happy with the gathers, sew the waistband to the apron’s skirt ½ inch from the top edge.

Step 10

Finishing the waistband and ties
Step 1: Set your machine to a loose basting stitch (4-5).
Step 2: Fold the waistband over the back side of the apron’s skirt. (See Step 10 image.)
Step 3: Pin the waistband to the back side of the skirt and baste stitch from end to end.
Step 4: Slide the unfinished ends of the ties into the waistband openings and pin.
Step 5: Reset your machine to a regular stitch (2-3).
Step 6: Stitch close to the edge all along the sides and bottom of the waistband. Remove the
basting stitches.

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