Whimsical Wine Cork Wreath

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Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! The ribbon and pink bird add just the right amount of whimsy to this project. This would make a lovely housewarming gift.
6 (1.5" × 12") strips of muslin
12" Styrofoam wreath base
Hot glue gun
About 120 wine corks
Variety of decorative mosses (found in craft stores)
Feather bird decoration (found in craft stores)
1⁄8" wide ribbon (2 yards)
2 (8mm) screw eyes
Picture hanging wire
Excerpted with permission from DIY Wine Corks: 35+ Cute and Clever Cork Crafts

Step 1

Wrap muslin around the wreath and use hot glue to secure. (The muslin has a better surface for the corks to adhere to.)

Step 2

Place the wreath base on a table and glue corks in a row along the inside at the bottom of the base— the smallest circle shown. (The back of this wreath will be flat.) Repeat for the outside bottom of the base (the second-to-largest circle).

Step 3

For the outermost row, glue corks perpendicular to the base, as shown.

Step 4

For the rest of the wreath, return to gluing rows of corks lengthwise until you have covered the whole wreath. You may need to adjust spacing to make sure there are no large gaps.

Step 5

Form a little nest with moss and glue into place. Glue the bird to the center of the nest.

Step 6

Make little clusters of mosses and glue into place around the wreath. If you did end up with some holes, this is a good time to cover your mistakes!

Step 7

Weave the ⅛" ribbon around the outward-facing corks; tie in the back and trim. Glue in place from the back, if desired.

Step 8

Screw in screw eyes to the 10:00 and 2:00 positions on the wreath back. Secure the picture wire between the screw eyes.
Excerpted with permission from DIY Wine Corks: 35+ Cute and Clever Cork Crafts

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