Winter Maxi Skirt

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Wondering what to wear on those cold winter days when anything less than two layers isn't enough? Try a maxi skirt with leggings underneath. You'll keep warm and be stylish at the same time!
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Step 1

Here's what you need:
-60" wide stretch knit fabric
-thread, scissors, pins, measuring tape/yard stick
-wide elastic for waist
-chalk marker/wheel

Step 2

I'm going to take the first couple of steps to show you how I folded my fabric. Folding it this way will ensure the minimum number of cuts.
First, lay your fabric out, bringing the selvedges together in the middle. Each outside edge should have a fold.

Step 3

Now, fold under the right side so that the left side of your fabric consists of two folded edges and the right side has one selvedge, one fold, and then one selvedge.

Step 4

To get the measurement that we need to cut the waist follow this formula: Waist measurement divided by 4 +1 inch.
So, for easy math we'll say that your waist is 32" around. Divide by 4, which equals 8". Add 1", which equals 9"
This is how long you will draw a line along one end of your fabric using your chalk. Personally, the last thing I need is lots of bulk and gathering around my waist, but if that's the look you want, add more inches and you can gather it later.

Step 5

Now measure your hips and divide by 4. Mark this measurement approximately 8" down from the end of the waist measurement.

Step 6

Decide how long you want your skirt to be. Make sure to add 1/2" inch to attach to the waistband and a hem allowance. Don't forget to add extra if you plan on wearing your skirt with heels!

You should have a shape that looks something like the picture. Now, go ahead and cut through all layers of fabric.
You'll end up with two trapezoid-like shapes.

Step 7

With right sides together, sew and finish your side seams. Serge or zigzag along the top edge while you're at it.

Step 8

Set your fabric aside and pick up your elastic. Measure it around your waist so that it's comfortable, making sure to add a bit of overlap. Cut and stitch together so that you end up with a circle.

Quarter off both the skirt top edge and the elastic. Just keep marking the middle of your folds with pins until you've marked off 8 points.

Step 9

Before you stitch your elastic on, on the inside edge, mark 1/2" up from the bottom. When attaching your fabric use this as a guideline and don't let your fabric edge go above it.

Step 10

Stitch the elastic and fabric together, stretching as you go. Hem the bottom and that's it! So easy, right?!?

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  • by cherylobeid
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    The instructions say to use 60" wide fabric, but how much of that fabric would I need?

    • by nikelz
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      Hi Cheryl! In step 4 it tells you how much you will need based on the waist measurement. Varies from person to person since not everyone is same size =) -- To get the measurement that we need to cut the waist follow this formula: waist measurement divided by 4 +1 inch. So, for easy math we'll say that your waist is 32" around...divide by 4 = 8". Add 1" = 9"

    • by
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      Yeah, I just found this, and had the same question. It doesn't talk about the yardage needed. I figured out finally that you need twice as much as the height of the skirt. So if you need about 45" long on the skirt, about twice that plus enough to hem. Hope yours turned out. :)

  • by jennifer.saia
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    Can't wait to try this maxi-skirt!! Looking forward to being warm this winter.