How to Upload a Gallery

Want to show the world (or at least your friends) what you've been working on? Really into collecting handknit scarves? Just got a thing for anything handmade and Totoro-related (or is that just me?) Well, the Gallery tool makes it easy to upload and share images of your latest creative feat or collection and explain what inspired your masterpiece and/or admiration. Remember, you need to have an account before you can upload anything and be sure to sign-in before you start.

Profile Tab: Once in your profile, click the "Galleries" tab. Click on the blue "Add a Gallery" button. Pretty easy so far, huh?
Name your gallery: Try to clear and descriptive. If you're too clever, other users may never find it. Think about the words a user would be searching to find your project.
Select a category: You only get one, so choose what fits best.
Briefly describe the items in your gallery: This is what will show when users are browsing through the galleries tab, so be sure to add a few colorful words.
Credit: Is your piece based on something else? If so, give credit where credit is due and provide the source (include links when it makes sense).
Choose tags: These are words that will help users find your piece. Use the color, materials, difficulty level, etc. To keep things orderly, we ask you use a work already in our system. Start typing and the word should appear in the box below the form field. Once it does, click on it, which will add it to your tags.
Public or Private? Choose if you want your gallery to be public, for friends only or private (only for you).
Save: Click "Save" to finish the piece later or "Add Images" to, well .. add images. Need tweaks? Go ahead and edit anything that doesn't look right.
Adding Images: Click "add image" to add the images to your gallery.
Add Captions: Give a simple title or a more elaborate sentence-long description to describe each image. Be sure to add the website name, if you've borrowed the image.
Change Image Order: It's a crafter's prerogative to change her mind, and so, now's the time to rearrange the image, if you so choose. Simply click, hold and then drag the image to the place that you like best.
Save or Preview: Click "Save" to finish the piece later or "Preview" to check out your gallery will look like on a finished page. Need tweaks? Go ahead and edit anything that doesn't look right.
Publish or Edit: If you like what you see, then publish your newly finished gallery for the CraftFoxes world to see. If your gallery is still wanting a few tweaks, simply click edit to make changes.