How to Upload a How-to or Pattern

Want to share the instructions for a project with a few friends or the entire webisphere? Below you'll find the steps for the best way to upload a how-to or pattern. Soon the world will be marveling at your brilliance. Remember, you'll need to have a CraftFoxes account before you can upload anything from your profile and so be sure to sign in when you want to begin.

Log in: Click on "My Profile" at the top of the page.

Click the "How-tos" tab: Click the "Add a How To" button. Pretty easy so far, huh?
Is your project a How-To or a Pattern? A how-to explains the process of creating a project or the steps of a technique. A pattern is an exact blueprint for an item.
Name your how-to or pattern: Try to be clear and descriptive. If you're too clever, other users may never find it. Think about the words a user would be searching to find your project.
Select a category: You only get one, so choose what fits best.
Describe your how-to or pattern: You don't need to get into the step-by-step instructions here (unless it can all be explained in one step). In this step you want to give the big picture.
Is your piece based on another project? If so, feel free to include an url pointing users to the online location of the original.
Click "add image" to add an image to your how-to: This will be the main image of the piece and it will look great if it's about 460 pixels wide.
Adding steps: If you're explaining a complex how-to you may want to add one step at a time and illustrate it with a photo. You can add up to 10 steps and images.
Pick tags: These are words that will help users find your piece. Use the color, materials, difficulty level, etc. To keep things orderly, you have to use keywords already in our system. Start typing and the word should appear in the box below the form field. Once it does, click on it, which will add it to your tags.

Who should see it? Choose if you want your how-to to be public, for friends only or private (only for you).

Preview: Click "Save as Draft" to finish the piece later or "Preview" to check out your project will look like on a finished page. Need tweaks? Go ahead and edit anything that doesn't look right.

Look good? Click "Publish" to send it live!