Christmas Stockings — 10 Easy and Unique Patterns

Posted by on Dec 09, 2010

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Christmas stockings are the quintessential yuletide holiday decoration, as cozy and inviting as any hearth they brighten. But why are these trinket-bearing footies so cherished? The Christmas stocking tradition started with socks — perhaps midwinter comfort is sewn into its DNA? Or is it that just about anything associated with childhood and chocolate goodies will wind up being prized throughout the years? 

When it comes to sewing a Christmas stocking, you can easily create a basic pattern in your head: the bulbous end, the sleeve with enough room for King Henry VIII's hefty calf and a rolled cuff to top the pocket. Yet variations on the standard-issue red felt are what thrill an inventive crafter. Polka dots, glitter-coated candy and quilting are just a few ideas for creating an easy and unique Christmas decoration.

funky christmas stocking
Funky Christmas Stocking
Difficulty Level: Easy

As Full of Fluff blogger Carey Huffman found out, fatigue, not necessity, is often the mother of invention. Describing her first Christmas in a new home, she explains: “We have hardly any Christmas decorations and have not had the time or energy to go shopping for them this year.” 

Funny how shopping is more exhausting than making crafts from scratch. Yet Huffman's Funky Christmas Stockings are an easy craft that also make for a unique gift. A download, a trace, some cuts and a few machine or hand stitches, and within an hour you'll have a funky stocking — as well as the energy to make more. This pattern exaggerates the cuff with deep angular cuts while a straight heel contrasts with the more common curved heel. An elf-like curled toe completes this stocking, which uses exaggerations to update the traditional decoration.
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advent christmas stocking
Advent Christmas Stockings
Difficulty Level: Easy

A stocking for every day of December? This time-intensive project has lots of shortcuts. One can create the traditional, "heavy on the sewing" stocking or the hot glue and felt craft of the Sugar Plum Fairy Stocking. Or, consider an iron-on transfer over an embroidered number. Once all 25 stockings are completed, fill them with sweets, love notes or even questions to ask loved ones about the past year.
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leftover fabric christmas stocking
Leftover Christmas Stocking
Difficulty Level: Easy

Who doesn’t love a makeover, particularly of tired old dresses and shirts? The Leftover Christmas Stockings use an unwanted plaid skirt and dress, a traced pattern and machine stitches. If you're lacking large pieces of leftover fabric, consider the string quilt method. Strips of contrasting or coordinating fabric are hand or machine stitched together and then secured to batting and an inside fabric. This variation offers an excellent start for those wanting to explore quilting.
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expandable christmas stocking
Expandable Christmas Stocking
Difficulty Level: Easy

Use the Expandable Christmas Stocking to show loved ones just how nice, or naughty, they have been this year. This unique cover can also serve as a wrapping for odd-shaped gifts like golf clubs or baseball bats. Zippers connect red fleece while a white fur insert holds the stocking together when unzipped. For those new to sewing, study the pattern and how to sew zipper instructions closely. With a clear understanding of the stocking's design the project can be finished within an hour or two (slightly more for newer sewers).
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kid-made mini christmas stocking
Mini Christmas Stocking
Difficulty Level: Easy

Bigger isn't always better, and this is certainly true for Christmas stockings. Sewing a Mini Christmas Stocking is an easy craft for kids. offers a photo how-to for the project. Hand stitching is better for kids unfamiliar with a sewing machine, but this craft could also be a good start for those wanting to learn to sew with a machine. Hang the stockings from computers, lockers, or even use a gift bag for smaller goodies like jewelry or gift cards.
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polka dot christmas stocking
Polka Dot Christmas Stocking
Difficult Level: Easy

Whoever said traditional can't be playful? A green polka-dotted fabric and a red cuff with a pom-pom trim make for a youthful variation on the common Christmas stocking. For your own creations, consider brighter fabric and funky decorations. A machine stitch is better for this pattern, since it will create smooth seams and a polished shape.
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fat quarters christmas stocking
Fat Quarters Christmas Stocking
Difficulty Level: Easy

Fat quarters are rolled, pre-cut fabric often used for quilting (not the result of post-holiday leftovers). They come in a variety of prints and colors and are a quarter of a yard. Non-traditional fabrics like a printed floral and polka dot are paired with a non-traditional cut: a curvy, squashed stocking rather than the common long and squarish shape.
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no-sew felt christmas stocking
No-Sew Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Stocking
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Stocking is a a no-sew sugary confection complete with sparkles, glitter and candy treats. This Christmas decoration uses felt and glitter-and-glue-coated jelly beans, Creme Savers and other sugary sweets to create a whimsical stocking. While the felt and hot glue usually create a sturdy bond, crafters may consider machine or hand sewing the felt. For long-term storage, use artificial candies or fruits.
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hand-quilted christmas stocking
Strip Pieced Christmas Stocking
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you want to attempt hand quilting or strip piecing for the first time, try this project. Hand quilting means sewing pieces by hand rather than with a sewing machine, while strip piecing refers to fabric cut into strips rather than the traditional squares. New sewers should be able to use the running stitch, which is one of the more basic hand-sewn stitches, as well as sewing with bias tape. Both are easy to learn and used commonly with sewing projects. Depending on skill, it will take about a day to make a stocking.
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blue christmas stocking
Blue Christmas Stocking
Difficulty Level: Easy

Want to break away from the Americana style of most Christmas decorations? Consider the modern, unconventional Blue Christmas Stocking that uses velveteen fabric and fake fur trim. Keeping the traditional shape of a hearth-hung stocking, its lack of abundance in colors and sparse ornamentation create a sophisticated decoration.
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