8 Homemade Stockings for Christmas

Posted by on Nov 22, 2012

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Though some of us may not be ready to admit it, Christmas is just around the corner! There aren't too many Fridays left until that most crazy and craft-laden holiday. One of the staples of Christmas decorations and, indeed, Christmas crafts, is the homemade stocking. If you’re looking to create your own stockings this year, check out these seven knitting and sewing projects for homemade stockings.

Homemade stocking with a snowman and Christmas tree pattern.
Embellished Stocking

Use scraps from your past year of projects or choose some festively colored fabric from your local fabric store for this stocking. Then personalize it for a family member or friend by adding embellishments to the finished product. 
For a full tutorial on this handmade stocking project, visit Craft Passion
Stocking with a curled toe and spiky cuff.
Funky Stocking

This simple sewing pattern shows you how to make the boot for the actual stocking as well as the spiky embellishment at the top. Each component should be made out of contrasting fabrics to accentuate the funky nature of this craft project. 
For complete instructions on this DIY stocking project, visit Full of Fluff.
A lot of colorfully patterned homemade stockings arranged in a circle.
Retro Stocking

Just like the last project, be sure to choose two different kinds of fabric with very different patterns for the stocking body and top portion. This stocking is simple to make, but will look retro and chic when paired with your fake Christmas tree. 
For full directions on this homemade stocking project, visit Simply Notable.
Three DIY stockings made of wool, one red, one white, and one green.
Felted Stocking

This project calls for some heavy duty knitting, so get out your needles! Use worsted wool yarn in three different colors to create the attractive contrasting colored stripes at the top of the stocking. You'll also need to "felt" the wool, which means condensing and processing the wool fibers, such as in a washing machine. 
For complete instructions on this DIY stocking project, visit Craftbits.com.
Homemade stockings made with red, green, and white thread.
Sparkly Knitted Stocking

This project recommends the use of Regia 4-ply X-mas yarn in any of their festive yuletide colors. This yarn is interspersed with some silver or gold thread so that your stocking will be sparkly in the light of your Christmas tree. 
To download the free pattern for these homemade stockings, visit Coats Crafts.
Three homemade stockings with wild patterned fabric and a soft cuff at the top.
Lined Christmas Stockings

The best part about this stocking is that you won’t be limited to one kind of fabric. It calls for a lining, so choose one fun fabric for the outside and another for the inside. The soft cuff at the top is made of "Minkee," a soft, plush fabric that makes this stocking surprisingly cuddly. 
For complete instructions on this DIY stocking project, visit crafty Staci.
homemade stocking by imagine gnats
Quilted Stocking

The Falling Flakes Stocking is a quilt-as-you-go tutorial from Rachael at imagine gnats. Combining fabric scraps and this fun, improvisational quilting technique, you can make a quilted stocking that's ready to get stuffed.
Get the homemade stocking how-to at imagine gnats.
A long, red DIY stocking made from granny squares knitted together.
Granny Square Stocking

For a vintage Christmas look, simply knit several granny squares and then join them together to form the stocking shape. You can add a decorative cuff at the top of the stocking and add some Christmas-themed shapes to the stocking body. 
For full and descriptive directions on this homemade stocking, visit Tarkheena Crafts.

Credits: imagine gnats, Craft Passion, Full of Fluff, Simply Notable, Craftbits.com, Coats Crafts, crafty Staci, imagine gnats and Tarkheena Crafts.

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