Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Posted by on Dec 07, 2011

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Need a last-minute holiday gift that doesn't reek of procrastination? Then put down that coupon for a car wash and check out these unique gifts you'll be proud to announce you made yourself. Or, proud to announce you found and purchased all on your own (if you're feeling super lazy).

last-minute feather earrings gift
Feather Your Dress 

Make your own earrings and necklace with this season's latest trend: feathers. Keep them gloomy with Poe-colored raven's feathers or lush it up with peacock or other jewel-toned plumes.
Head to The-Coveted for a free feather jewelry tutorial!
crochet hair band holiday gift
Never a Hair Out of Place 

Most crafters can finish a crochet flower in less than 20 minutes; add a few stitches to a thick elastic hair band, and you've get yourself a holiday gift. Or, add a long crochet chain to your flower for a matching headband.
leather cuff holiday gift
Cuff Love

Scrap leather, whether harvested from your sewing room or an unwanted purse, can become a trendy last-minute gift with only a couple of snips and an eye-catching button or jewel.
Flash on the Pan  

If our wrists deserve a little attention, then what about our most versatile of kitchen tools: the cast-iron skillet? Use leftover felt (or even felt a knitted handle yourself), add some simple embroidery and this last-minute gift is done. 
last-minute charm bookmark gift
A Charming Bookmark 

Anything from vintage earrings to discarded applique embellishments can become treasured last-minute holiday gifts via a thrifty jump ring and velvet ribbons.
fabric-covered button magnet holiday gift
Button Up

Fabric-covered buttons in vintage or designer prints can become unique magnets. Pair with personalized stationary that you've given a quick rubber stamp to.
For a free tutorial on covering buttons with fabric, head to LollyChops!
monogram holiday gift
Initial Response 

With nothing more than a wood-cut letter, a quick slap of paint and then a decopuaged covering, you've got a trendy monogram. Personalize with vintage maps, dictionary pages or even discarded wrapping paper.
crochet wire jewelry holiday gift
Down to the Wire

Crochet gets a clever update when wire subs in for yarn. Make this unique gift into stylish necklaces or rings.
For the free tutorial on crocheting wire jewelry, head to CraftStylish!
luggage tag holiday gift
Tagging Along

Raid your malingering fabric stash with these simple and quick holiday gifts. Customize the tags with an embroidered nickname or even a sparkly charm.
chocolate cookie-cutter holiday gift
A Cookie That Doesn't Crumble 

This no-bake cookie treat uses gourmet melted chocolate topped with the crunchy legume of your choice (which would probably be peanuts). Or, make it a holiday treat for the birds via DIY birdseed. 
For the free chocolate-filled ornament recipe, head to Chica and Jo!

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