Crafty Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by on Jan 01, 2023

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No matter what your New Year's resolutions are - from self-improvement to getting organized - nothing beats a creative DIY to inspire you, stay motivated and stick to your guns. Make it yourself and make it happen!

diy 2016 calendar

DIY Calendar

Create a custom calendar to track your goals. Include stickers, banners and doodles that make you smile — plus a favorite photo, quotes that inspire, or dates of treasured memories (like baby’s first steps) to give yourself a motivating boost of happiness each day. Check out this roundup for free 2016 printable DIY calendars.
new years resolution cards craft project
Lisa Fulmer

Pick a Card, Any Card

In this video tutorial, Lisa shares a creative way to make a deck of mixed media cards - the same size as artist trading cards - to use for your New Year's resolutions. Write a list of several smaller goals, put one on each card, then draw a card at random each day to see what's in store for you. Lisa has a super cute idea for tracking your progress on each card, too!

clay Face Mask Recipe
Lauren Cox and Janice Cox

Relax Your Face

Clay masks are one of the greatest beauty secrets for your skin, and the process forces you to slow down, relax those facial muscles and eek out some toxins. Many of the expensive masks you see in department stores are simply variations on a basic clay mask. Because clay extracts impurities from your pores, it will help you maintain clean and clear skin. Try out this free face mask recipe for the ultimate relaxing spa facial at home.

leggings sewing pattern
Adrianna Appl

Outfit Your Fitness

In this Craftsy article, you'll get some great links to patterns for sewing your own yoga pants or leggings in your favorite colors. When you look good, you feel good, right? Working with stretchy knits can be a bit tricky, so you'll want these great sewing tips and recommendations for the best sewing supplies.

diy envelope receipt wallet

Organize Your Receipts and Files

In this 3-part video series, Phoebe shows you how to make a simple fold-out wallet for keeping track of receipts, along with matching file holders and an expandable accordion folder for keeping other paperwork organized. If you're a crafty solopreneur, tax time will be so much easier if you resolve to keep track and stay organized right now.
diy art journal

Keep a Journal

Writing down your goals, dreams and plans - as well as problems or frustrations - will not only help you sleep better at night, it will help keep you motivated and more self-aware. Clippings, gratitude prompts, food diary, poetry, sketches - it's all good! Learn some artistic techniques to alter a typical notebook so it's uniquely yours.

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