Handmade Christmas Gifts for 'Hunger Games' Fans

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013

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The second movie installment of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, comes out November 22. Millions of people are anxiously awaiting the release date. It's widely reported that this movie is better than the first. But what I'm most looking forward to is the fact that there is purportedly no wild shaking of the camera for dramatic effect, so you can watch it in IMAX without getting a headache! Homemade Christmas gifts for the Hunger Games fan just make sense this season so, without further ado, here is a collection of awesome gifts that any tribute would appreciate. 

Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Hunger Games Fan: Hunger Games Charms & Bracelet
Hunger Games Charms & Bracelet

The lovely thing about this homemade Christmas gift for the Hunger Games fan is that it is endlessly customizable. Is the fan not on Team Peeta? Make a Team Gale pin. Honestly though, how can one not be on Team Peeta? He feeds the hungry, he's willing to die for someone who doesn't return his affections, he's crazy strong — he's basically just an all-around good guy. Everyone should be on Team Peeta. And everyone can appreciate this lovely Hunger Games charm bracelet. It can be played up with mockingjay or nightlock charms, or ones depicting the book cover or the slogan "Down with the Capitol." 
Hunger Games Lessons has the tutorial.
Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Hunger Games Fan: Katniss-Inspired Hair Clip (Arrows & Bobbypin)
Katniss-Inspired Hair Clip

The Hunger Games heroine has inspired countless fashion and hair blog posts. She's pretty much one of the fiercest young women in popular culture right now  why wouldn't people want to imitate almost everything about her? This hair clip is not something that is directly from part of Katniss' costume, though. Rather it was inspired by Katniss' style: simple, understated and sharp, making it a pretty awesome handmade Christmas gift for the Hunger Games fan.
Find out how to make the Katniss-inspired hair clip at Art is for All.
Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Hunger Games Fans: "The Hunger Games" Book Cover Bracelet
Hunger Games Book Cover Bracelet 

The Hunger Games series has some of the most iconic and memorable book cover art in recent memory, so it makes sense to memorialize the covers in clay pendants and string them together to make a bracelet.
Hunger Games DWTC has the instructions to make the bracelet.


Homemade Gifts for "The Hunger Games" Fans: Effie Trinket Trinket
Effie Trinket 
This pin is inspired by Effie Trinket, who escorts District 12's tributes to the capitol after they are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games. This homemade gift is made from felt flowers, beads and a small banner that reads "May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor." It's a unique nod to the woman who accompanies everyone's favorite tributes.
This piece of Capitol fashion can be recreated from the tutorial on Amy Allender's blogspot.
Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Hunger Games Fans: May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor Wall Hanging
May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor Wall Art

The Capitol saying — "May the odds be ever in your favor" — is so appropriate for all endeavors. This piece of fan art is particularly chilling and evocative. Put your own spin on a printable or painting and frame it for the Hunger Games fan in your life. 
This inspired Hunger Games art comes from Fatooome
Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Hunger Games Fans: Mockingjay Pin
Mockingjay Pin

The most obvious and meaningful gift from the film would be a mockingjay pin,  crafted with love and care. This is Katniss' good luck charm through her first Hunger Games, and it eventually turns into the symbol of the rebellion opposing the Capitol. 
Make it with Delusions of Holbert's complete picture tutorial. 
Homemade Christmas Gifts for the Hunger Games Fans: PVC Bows
PVC Bows

This is a perfect Christmas gift for a mature and responsible Hunger Games fan that will get the recipient outside and active. Make some "Down with the Capitol" targets to give it a special Hunger Games flair. This is a real, working bow so gift it with discretion. 
 Expert Prepper has a video tutorial on how to make a PVC bow.

Photo Credits (from top): Hunger Games Lessons, Art is for All, Hunger Games DWTC, Amy Allender, Fatoome, Delusions of Holbert, Expert Prepper

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