8 Crafts to Feed Your 'Hunger Games' Addiction

Posted by on Mar 22, 2012

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Hunger Games Cupcakes on Fire



With the movie opening up in theaters this Friday, it's now officially "Hunger Games" Week. There's so many preparations, so many details to consider. The prestigious capitol has extremely high expectations — everything must be perfect. But it's all very exciting. Here are nine projects inspired by the unstoppable Katniss.

sugar cookies with Hunger Games themed quotes
Katniss caught the nation's attention with her dress on fire. Bake these "Hunger Games" Cupcakes on Fire to steal the limelight at your book club's potluck. The frosted mockingjay topping won't be easy, but neither is surviving the games. 

If cupcakes and fondant seems a little too extravagant for you, try some simple but adorable sugar cookies. Maybe you need to send a message to your favorite tribute, or a message to your loved one. Both of these great projects come from FictionalFood.net and you can get the sugar cookie recipe right here
food coloring painted mocking jay cookies and royal icing cookies
If you'd like a cookie project with a new decorating process, try using food dye to paint your mockingjay. No recipe or directions for the actual cookie, but plenty of images for inspiration and a link to an instructional video. What other ideas can you come up with for cookie covers? You can find this project at LizyBakes.blogspot.com.
necklace with arrow stamped silver disc and fresh water pearl
Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale? If you're rooting for Peeta to win over Katniss' heart, wear this elegant pearl and arrow necklace around yours to remind everyone around you who you're crushing on. It's a genuine freshwater pearl along with a hand-stamped arrow silver token. Find it here at Peace of Mind Jewelry in Etsy's Hunger Games collection
charm bracelet with Hunger Games charms
The Hunger Games Trilogy holds symbolism in every detail and turn of the page. This charm bracelet from Etsy has nearly every detail arranged around your wrist, including the number 12, a teapot, a snowflake, a beehive, a clock, the mockingjay and even a hovercraft. This charm bracelet just got cooler than "Star Trek." You can find it at Gerald's Bargains on Etsy. 
charm necklace with Hunger Games charms
You love the idea of charms and symbolism, but you don't want to make yourself known as you jingle and stride down the aisle at the theater. Here's a simpler version as a necklace with the most important charms: the pearl from Peeta, coal beads and locket for Peeta from Katniss, a tracker jacker, clock gear part, the mockingjay, and Katniss' ever famous arrow. You can buy it from Midnightsunn on Etsy.
cross stitched mocking jay bookmark
There's most likely someone you're still trying to persuade to read a juvenile book about post-apocalyptic war among teenagers. Cross stitch a beautiful mockingjay bookmark for them and they'll hopefully use it the two or three times they're able to actually put the book down. Here's the pattern from ForeverYoungAdult.com.
cross stitched arena from the Hunger Games
Get serious with your Hunger Game craft endeavors with this embroidered map of the arena for the tributes. In the center of the course is the uber-important cornucopia, surrounded by the tribute platforms. Then you'll find the tracker jacker near the spring, Thresh's grainy domain, some rabbits and nightlock berries for food, the parachute gift, the safe haven cave, and of course Katniss' arrow and the mockingjay. This great piece of art isn't for sale, but it's worth checking out and being inspired to try out on your own. Maybe consider the arena from book two? Find it here at Craftster.org.

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