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Posted by on Jul 12, 2014

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We're celebrating Embrace Your Geekness Day! Now is the time to dust off the Nintendo, catch a Dr. Who marathon on BBC, and pick one (or all) of these crafts to re-create.

diy backpack, small craft backpack, science backpack
Scientific-Terrific Backpack

Embracing geeky-ness does not have to be boring — display that periodic table in style! This colorful satchel doubles as a trendy place to stash your books and a ready-at-all-times notepad. Quickly jot down homework assignments and formulas on the chalkboard or let your friends write you funny notes that will get you through the next lecture. Visit Spoonful for a walk-through.
Dr. Who, refashioning shoes, shoe painting
Dr. Who Painted Heels

Get ready to hop through time in these Dr. Who shoes. Don't worry, there are instructions for guys and girls at Doodle Craft. Mismatching the shoes is a great idea, wearing Dr. Who's trademark suit on one foot and the phone booth on the other leaves little question to what statement your feet are making!
amigurumi, koopa troopa doll, pacman doll, robot doll, crochet dolls,, &
Amigurumi Characters

Every geek needs to have a sidekick and sometimes the best sidekick is made out of yarn! An amigurumi character can be hooked onto a backpack, purse, belt loop or be perched in a pocket. Instructables gives instructions on how to make Pacman and his ghosts; Picuu's Etsy page provides a pattern for a Koopa Troopa doll for $7; and instructions on how to create MEAP the robot (which reminds me of Number 5 from the movie "Short Circuit") is given by Squirrel Picnic. Not only is MEAP adorable, his arms, head, and wheels move.
Marvel Comics, Decoupage Guitar, Wolverine, X-Men, decoupage instrument
Marvel Comics' Wolverine Decoupaged Acoustic Guitar

Comic book fans will rejoice over this guitar covered in Wolverine decoupage. The action shots of Wolverine seem to jump right out off the guitar, making this project hard to ignore. If Wolverine does not excite you, choose from any of the other X-Men heroes and heroines.
Rubik's Cube Tissue Box Cover

The Rubik's Cube is synonymous with 1980s geek culture. Millions fell in love with the Rubik's Cube once again after seeing it displayed as a tissue box on the TV show "The Big Bang Theory." Melissa Ting outlined how to re-create it using colored paper and a tissue box that can be bought at your local craft store. Build this tissue box to brighten up your work or study space with color and 80s nostalgia.
Space Invaders, Atari, Pop-up cards, paper art, paper crafts
8-Bit Pop-up Cards

Endless hours are spent in arcades across the world playing Space Invaders. Pay homage to the classic (and addictive) video game by making these pop-up cards. The pixelated design brings back fond memories — maybe it's time to dust off the Atari!

Visit Minie Co for the templates needed to make these.

Star Wars, stencil, stencil pillowcase, DIY pillowcase
Star Wars Pillowcase

We can't talk geek without mentioning Star Wars, can we? Take a look at these pillowcases stenciled with Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. The stencils are created by you, so you can incorporate any Star Wars character into the design. Choose paint colors other than black to give your art some pop.

All For the Boys gives some instructions on how to craft stencils for this project.

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Kindle Cover, iPad Cover
Harry Potter Kindle Cover

Transform your e-reader into a portrait of one of Hogwarts' alumni. This project is a mixture of felting and sewing, but no worries — beginner skills can still get the job done! Choose between Harry's trademark spectacles or Ron's freckles to adorn your Kindle. A few adaptations can be made so your cover can fit an iPad.

Check out Practically Functional for instructions on this project.

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