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Posted by on Jan 30, 2014

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You may not be aware of it but Adventure Time is not really a cartoon for just kids. It is one of my favorite cartoons because it's fun, silly and has crazy underlying themes. The cartoon takes place in a magical land called Ooo and follows a boy and his dog, Finn and Jake, on ridiculous adventures. There are many princesses, an evil ice king, a hipster vampire queen, a weirdo lemon-headed guy named Lemongrab, penguins and so much more! You know the show is doing something right when you have a group of 25–30-year-old guys and gals hanging out and every 20 minutes a quote from Adventure Time is used, like "Oh my glob!", which is always immediately followed by extensive giggling. 

Anyway, as part of my Adventure Time obsession, I frequent the Adventure Time subreddit. There you will find other members of the fandom and their fan art, projects and crafts they make. I have made a roundup of some of my favorite Adventure Time crafts I have found. Some are for inspiration, others are free, and some are paid but they are all from our fellow fans. Show them your support!

Adventure Time Valentines
Adventure Time Valentines
First let's start with some free printables of these cute Adventure Time valentines created by Vixykin on Deviantart. You can download the high res here and there is also a girl version here! Lemongrab and LSP are my favorite ones.
Fionna and Cake Craft
Fionna and Cake Embroidery
One of the cool things Adventure Time does is gender swap all the characters for special episodes. The opposites of Finn and Jake are Fionna and Cake. This gives everyone a chance to have a favorite and opens up the doors to crazy fan art and fan fiction. You can see that this hoop created by Silentbalir on Craftster is an amazing example of an embroidered Fionna and Cake. Check out a few other pictures here
Crochet BMO Scarf
Crochet BMO Scarf Pattern
I came across this tutorial on Pinterest from Rose over at Red & Rosy Blog. She makes the cutest stuff and I am so jealous that she made this scarf for her son! She is generous enough to share the pattern and tutorial for it here. I know there are crazy BMO fans out there that would die to have this scarf!
Adventure Time Cross Stitch Pattern
Adventure Time Cross Stitch
For those of us who prefer needlework, Pixel Power on Craftsy has this Adventure Time pattern. She has tons of geeky patterns for every fandom. So if you are looking for a few projects to stitch up, take a look at her shop. 

Adventure Time Pillows shares this video tutorial on how to make your own Adventure Time pillows. It's easier than you think and I may even riddle my room with these guys.  

LSP amigurumi pattern
Lumpy Space Princess Amigurumi
I cannot tell you how much Lumpy Space Princess makes me smile. This amigurumi version of LSP is no lumpin' exception. Crochet for Days has this pattern and many other Adventure Time amigurumi patterns over on Craftsy which you can find here.  
Adventure Time Knitted Gloves
Adventure Time Knitted Fingerless Gloves
These mitts are adorable but also very easy to knit up. I especially love the buttons used for Jake's eyes. Jennie Claver shares this free adventure time knitting pattern over on Ravelry.
Adventure Time Paper Crafts
Adventure Time Paper Crafts
Cartoon Network shares official paper crafts for Adventure Time on their site. They have a whole bunch of characters and these are really easy to make. Just print, cut and fold!
DIY Adventure Time Finn Hat
Adventure Time Hat
What Adventure Time Craft Roundup would be complete without the hat? I thought this crochet pattern looked great and is pretty easy. Lilana Wofsey Dohnert shares her free crochet Finn/Fionna hat pattern on Ravelry. Don't crochet? Here is an alternative knitting pattern for the hat made by Kate Quinn.

Polymer Clay Finn and Fionna 
Lilac Sprinkles shares this polymer clay tutorial on her Youtube channel. She teaches how to make a cute chibi Finn and Fionna. I love her channel and she has so many different tutorials to check out as well. 

We even have an Adventure Time fan that sells cool stuff in our marketplace. Check out these backpacks!

Adventure Time Backpacks
Thanks for taking the time to look at all these awesome adventure time crafts. Remember to be thankful to Cartoon Network and Pendleton Ward for giving us a show we love. Let me know what you guys think!

<3 Jessica

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