10 Washi Tape Crafts for Teens

Posted by on Aug 16, 2017

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Washi tape, a paper tape decorated with unique patterns and designs, makes for a versatile material for crafty teenagers looking to create both stylish and unique accessories. Not only is it easy to work with but there are a variety of craft tutorials that can be adapted to use with the tape. For example, duct tape crafts can easily be subbed for washi tape, as can certain fabrics and sewing projects like this jewelry frame from CraftFoxes member Kathleen Clegg. Read on for more unique crafts for teens, all inspired by washi tape.

washi tape crafts for teens, duck tape crafts
Pencil Pusher

Pencils and pens get an easy makeover when washi tape is wrapped and wrapped around their lengths. Customize the washi tape pencil with a matching flower topper, like this one from Duck Brand

The Pink Doormat shares how to make this washi tape craft for teens.
washi tape crafts for teens
Magnetic Personality

Teens' ever-changing interests make magnets the ideal way to display their favorite photos, magazine clippings or even reminder notes. This washi tape craft can use ugly promotional magnets like those from your neighborhood dentist or gas station by tacking on bow-printed washi tape and then trimming the magnet to match the image with scissors or an Xacto knife. Either use the details on the washi tape or create your own silhouettes like monograms or sports accessories. 

Tweeterfly shares how to make this unique washi tape craft for teens.

washi tape crafts for teens
Spit and Polish

Sunglasses salvaged from a thrift store can take on even more personality when washi tape is stuck along the frames. Nail polish adds detailing. Use this idea to decorate other acrylic surfaces like earrings or bobby pins. 

Trinkets in Bloom shares how to make this washi tape craft for teens.
washi tape crafts for teens
A Neck Risker 

For statement jewelry, it doesn’t get bolder than this tape and paperclip necklace. Paper clips are wrapped with tape and then linked together to make chains. While this necklace may be more fun to make than wear, the tutorial can inspire other washi tape crafts like this paperclip chandelier

Make your own washi tape craft with How About Orange’s free how-to.
washi tape crafts for teens
Hold the iPhone 

Washi tape tops a cheap plastic iPhone case for an easy craft for teens. Use this how-to to inspire other gadget sleeves for iPads or laptops. If you like this idea, check out our round-up of other crafty iPhone cases.

Clever Pink Pirate shares how to make this washi tape phone case.
washi tape crafts for teens
Make a Note 

A small notebook transforms bargain bundles into something custom and trendy. Match them to the washi tape pencils for a complete set. Teens don’t need to leave the decorating for just the cover; use washi tape for the inner pages, too. 

Lia Griffith shares how to make this washi tape craft.
washi tape crafts for teens
Clutch Time

Duct tape makes for an edgy clutch, but washi tape, with its cheeky patterns, could be substituted for a sweeter alternative. Cardstock is covered with tape and then cut. A button stud holds the form in shape. 

Thanks, I Made It shares how to make this unique washi tape craft for teens. 
washi tape crafts for teens
The Pen Is Mightier 

Pen holders go stylish when wrapped with washi tape. Substitute your own containers like cleaned cans or Mason jars for an alternative. 

Craft and Creativity shares how to make this washi tape craft.
washi tape crafts for teens
Get Out of Your Hair 

Metal alligator hair clips make for another great washi tape craft for teens. A small swath of tape is attached to a clip and then trimmed for a snug fit. Use this idea to customize other accessories, including headbands or even headphones, like this floss-wrapped headphone post. 

Learn how to make this washi tape craft via
Scissors, Paper, Stone.

washi tape crafts for teens framed art

A frame gets a bright pop of pattern or color when washi tape covers the corners. Use a traditional flat wooden frame to hang about the room, or use strips of the tape to make your own lightweight frame that can hang on a locker or mirror. 

CraftFoxes shares more about this washi tape frame.

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Image credit (from top): The Pink Doormat, The Pink Doormat, Maru Store, Trinkets in Bloom, How About Orange, Clever Pink Pirate, Lia Griffith, Thanks, I Made It, Craft and Creativity, Scissors, Paper, Stone, and The Cottage Market

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