Surprising and Stunning Projects to Make with Melted Crayons

Posted by on Apr 01, 2016

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Pinterest has long been filled with detailed crayon drawings and canvases covered in dripped wax. While these pieces are stunning, there are numerous, unexpected ways to use crayons for arts and crafts. Below are a handful of suggestions to inspire amazing pieces of art with melted crayons. All you need to get started is a box of crayons, a hair dryer, and your choice of heat-resistant backing.

Melted-Wax Silhouette

Jimi Hendrix melted crayon art tribute
If you're up for a more challenging project, why not use melted crayon wax to create a tribute to one of your favorite inspirational figures? The video below you through every step of the process required to create your own one of a kind, melted-wax silhouette.

You'll definitely need masking tape and X-acto knife skills to make an impressive silhouette.

Swirly Ornaments

DIY melted crayon ornaments
These melted crayon ornaments are simple to make, mess-free, and a great alternative to canvas-based crayon wax art. Buy clear glass ornaments at an arts supply shop, place small amounts of crayon inside them, then heat with a hair dryer while rotating. Mix colors to create seasonal ornaments, or choose your favorites shades and make year-round pieces.

Crayon Candles

melted crayon wax candles
Melted crayon candles are a wonderful go to craft for using up odd bits of old crayons.  This project involves getting a little more hands on with the melted wax than some of the others, so please take precautions and make sure children are supervised.  

Depending on the colors you choose, the crayon candles can be fun and colorful or subtly stylish.

Molded Toys and Decorations

upcycled melted crayons
Why not upcycle your old crayons?  Melt down the nubs of color groups in chocolate or plaster molds to create fun shapes. The new crayons make wonderful gifts for children's parties, and can easily double as seasonal decorations.
3D mixed media crayon wall art
Use melted crayons as one medium in a three-dimensional mixed media artwork. Craft flowers nicely complement melted crayons in indoor and outdoor scenes.  

Hot Glue Gun Drip Art

melted crayon art created with stencil shapes and a hot glue gun
To create a 3D look, melt crayons by running them through a hot glue gun, then drip the wax from the top of your canvas. Use tape to block off areas you want to remain blank, and add a simple silhouette for a focal point.

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