Beautiful Butterfly Crafts for Kids and Teens

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015

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Happy Earth Day, crafters! This holiday celebrates the beauty and vitality of nature, so commemorate the day by crafting a symbol of nature, freedom and beauty: the butterfly. Whether it's part of your home décor or fashion sense, butterflies are beautiful to show off and they're definitely DIY-worthy. These projects are fun, artistic, simple and geared toward kids and teens. Let your imagination and creativity fly high with your own handmade butterfly crafts.

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Butterfly Back Heels
For bold, whimsical style, look no further than these butterfly back heels. Jazz up an old pair of black pumps or wedges with lovely butterfly accents. Fit for a princess or fairy, these shoes are perfect for the risk-taking fashion lover or for a fun prom ensemble topper. You'll be floating freely in these butterfly-adorned heels.

3D Tissue Paper Butterfly
Add 3D flair to a butterfly craft with pop-up-tissue-paper wings. Starting with a basic butterfly template, add bursts of color and pizazz to a hand-drawn butterfly. Withe this crafts, kids can individualize their butterflies and let their creativity spread its wings.

Zipper Butterfly Brooch
For a fun but unconventional kids' craft, try this zipper butterfly on for size. Adorn backpacks or jackets with this crafty butterfly, as it is a brooch. Use an old zipper or buy a new one for this craft, but make sure there is someone who knows how to sew around to keep this little guy secure and in place.
Origami Butterfly
As confetti or atop a gift, these origami butterflies are easy to fold and perfect for anyone at any age. Pick patterned paper or your favorite colors and start folding with this easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial featuring pictures for each step. These simple but beautiful paper butterflies will leave you having fluttery fun.

Aluminum-Can-Butterfly Candle Holder
Light up your living space with an aluminum-butterfly candle holder. Made out of soda cans, these little butterflies sit on a votive and reflect their cute shadows when a candle is burning. Using metal-cutting shears, cut up the can, trace little butterflies on the wrong side of the can, and cut them out. As suggested per the tutorial, paint the butterflies or keep them the colors of the original can to pay homage to their recyclable origins.

Multi-Colored Butterfly Collage
Brighten up a room with a beautiful and artsy butterfly collage. Using a butterfly hole punch, punch out little butterflies and attach them to a canvas with small adhesive dots. This craft is fun, crafty and artistic. You can DIY an everlasting piece of lovely art with the little ones' involvement.

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