Hanukkah Crafts for the Holiday Season

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011

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As many of us know, Hanukkah is a holiday celebrating the Jewish rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. You may recognize it as a time of latkes, doughnuts, dreidels, gifts and gelt. Besides an abundance of delicious fried foods and gifts, the festival (much like Christmas) brings together family and friends. Hanukkah starts on the 20th this year and we've collected some gifts and crafts to help you celebrate the eight-day festival.

(above): Cut out colored shapes from old magazines, arrange the pieces into a menorah and glue for a creative Hanukkah card.

Candlelit Branch

For a special Hanukkah centerpiece, coat a branch with silver paint. Glue nine candle clips onto the branch. Then cut out nine stars from blue vellum, removing the centers with a hole punch. Put these stars onto the candle clips and add candles.
For more information head to marthastewart.com.
Hanukkah Ornaments

These colorful yarn ornaments are a great activity to do with kids. Hang them around the house to celebrate the season.
Check out Gingerbread Snowflakes for how to make these ornaments.
crochet baby hat
Happy Hanukkah Baby Hat

This blue and white crochet hat is a warm and adorable Hanukkah gift for newborns. 
Visit JodysBabyGoodies on Etsy for more crocheted items.
crochet pouches
Crochet Striped Pouches for Gelt and Gifts

These crochet pouches add a handmade touch to your Hanukkah gelt and gifts.
Visit Creative Jewish Mom for the tutorial.
Hanukkah Coasters

These embroidered felt dreidel coasters are great for a Hanukkah party. They're simple enough that you can make extra sets to give out as gifts.
Check out Purl Bee for the full how-to.
Eight Envelopes

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with kids using this envelope countdown. Hang a yardstick on the wall and attach eight numbered envelopes in assorted colors using small clips. Fill the envelopes with gifts and activities and have the kids open an envelope each day.
Head to Martha Stewart for more Hanukkah crafts.
tote bag
Tote Bag

Transport all of your challah and Hanukkah goods in this fun Challah Back tote. 
For more tote bags, check out PamelaFugateDesigns on Etsy.

image credits (from top to bottom): bagelsandcrawfish.blogspot.com, marthastewart.com, gingerbreadsnowflakes.com, etsy- Jodys Baby Goodies, marthastewart.com, purlbee.com, etsy- Pamela Fugate Designs

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