10 Awesome Video Game-Inspired Crafts

Posted by on May 26, 2011

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If you know anyone who is addicted to Angry Birds (ahem), they’d absolutely go crazy for these Lego sculptures. But like the flat-roofed Lego houses of our youth, engineering these creations can be a tricky process. The solution? Lego Computer Assisted Drawing software. It’ll help you turn any idea into a 3D masterpiece.
Check out the free Lego Computer Assisted Drawing software from L Draw!

diy paper craft mario toad
Toad Paper Cculpture

Yep, his Wikipedia page points out that he is indeed a “fictional mushroom.” (Just in case you were wondering.) But don’t you agree that Toad was/is one of the cutest characters in the Mario franchise? Just print out, fold your own version and — viola! — perfect decoration for your desk.
Get your own printable DIY Toad paper doll from Shakty!
felt mario mushroom craft
Shrinking Mushroom Pincushion

In Paper Mario, the blue mushroom makes you shrink to pocket-size. But in real life, the felt version will hold your pins for you as you craft something else.
Or, you can be fancy and try a free amigurumi 1-Up magic mushroom from Ami Amour.
plastic canvas mario treasure chest
I Agree, Crafty Internet Hearts Mario

Pixel graphics are ideal for plastic canvas, a craft material I thought would never, ever come back. Here, it’s put to clever use as a treasure box from yet another Mario game. And yes, you can even use it to store your own treasured booty.
Learn how to make your own plastic canvas patterns from eHow.
8-bit video game character made with skittles candy
Delicious Link

Skittles are another great medium for reproducing 8-bit-style video game graphics. Who knew?
Check out more Skittles candy art from Fail Blog.
tetris blocks made from perler plastic beads
In Tetris, You Never Get the Long Rectangle Piece When You Need It…

Instead, make it yourself with those plastic beads that can be fused together with an iron. Then, glue on a magnet for the best fridge decor ever. Surely you remember this practice from your childhood, right '80s children? Turns out they are called Perler beads. The more you know…
Or, get a pre-made set of Tetris magnets from PixelPlus.
cross stitch game boy
At Some Point, the Game Boy Was the Height of Technology

This Game Boy standby is a work of art when depicted on cross-stitch canvas. I salute the patience of anyone who can craft this.
Check out how to convert any photo into a cross-stitch diagram for free from My Photo Stitch.
patchworm mega man quilt
Mega Man-ly Patchwork Quilt

Like Skittles, Perler beads and plastic canvas, patchwork is another medium that lends itself beautifully to reproducing 8-bit graphics. The cool blues in this Mega Man quilt also make it a little more sophisticated than a bright-hued game hero.
Convert any photo to a patchwork diagram with this free patchwork pattern maker from the Victoria and Albert Museum.
amigurumi pac-man ghost
Pac-Man Ghost Amigurumi

True story: My parents met while my Dad was playing Ms. Pac-Man. All together … “Awww!” So I gotta admire this fun little crocheted ghost from my favorite game.
Get a free Pac-Man ghost amigurumi pattern from Full of Fluff.
faux stained glass window of master chief
Master ChiefWStained-Glass Qindow

How is this for impressive: A stained-glass version of Master Chief from the Halo franchise. It was available for a short time on eBay, but now its legacy lives on in the internet ether. Super cool.
Find out how to make your own faux stained glass from this YouTube video.

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