Videos to Learn How to Paint Glass

Posted by on Feb 23, 2018

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Have you always admired the opulence of painted glass and stained glass and the intricacies of its design? Us, too. From vases to tabletops to lanterns, learn how to make your own painted glass masterpiece with these 6 glass painting video tutorials.

Hand-Painted Glass Tabletop

Using acrylic paints, you can illustrate anything your imagination cooks up on a sheet of glass. The finished piece can function as a tabletop, wall art — whatever suits your fancy. For a master technique, pay attention to the strategic layers of colors. Properly done, they can easily bring your painted glass art from flat to multi-dimensional.

Hand-Painted Floral Wine Glasses

This tutorial, like several others in this post, uses a clever layering technique to create beautiful painted floral wine glasses. By beginning with the center of the flower rather than its petals, the center is visible through the interior of the glass. 

Spray-Painted Glass Art

Did you know you can also use spray paint on glass surfaces? This vlogger uses a reverse layering technique to create a detailed cosmic scene on a glass tabletop with just spray paint and magazine bits — it's a timelapse DIY video you'll want to watch!

DIY Mosaic Candle Holder or Lantern
With glass paint from any major craft store, you can create a custom stained glass candle holder like this vlogger did. By day, it can hold your makeup brushes; by night, use small string lights to turn it into a colorful lantern.

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