Super Fun Lawn Games to Build Yourself

Posted by on May 18, 2016

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Summer may be nearing a close, but the days of outdoor barbecues with friends and family are most certainly not over. Next time you're expecting a backyard crowd, set up some of these fun DIY lawn games to keep both kids and adults entertained until that dinner bell rings.

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diy ring toss, diy lawn games
Upcycled Six-Pack Ring Toss
Great for small outdoor spaces, this DIY ring toss set is ultra-portable in its wooden six-pack carrier crate. Remember, too, that this game is best played with a drink in the opposite hand ... which is a major plus.

homemade bubble wand, diy bubble wand, diy lawn game
DIY Bubble Wands
Kids will love this DIY outdoor activity. Wait, scratch that---kids and adults can't help but have fun blowing huge bubbles with giant bubble wands.

diy kubb set, kubb game, diy lawn games, homemade kubb
Mandy Pellegin
DIY Kubb Set
If you haven't yet heard of Kubb, know that its origins are Nordic and that it's taking the lawn game community by storm. A hybrid of bowling, horseshoes and chess, Kubb is a great game for spacious yards. Learn how to make your own Kubb game set!

diy lawn games, outdoor activities, lawn games for kids, diy sprinkler, homemade sprinkler
DIY PVC Sprinkler
Blisteringly hot outside? Use this tutorial and some cheap PVC pipe to make a fun activity for the kids in the dog days of summer.

ladder ball game, lawn golf game, diy lawn golf, diy ladder ball, outdoor games
DIY Lawn Golf
This infectious game goes by many names — Lawn Golf and Ladder Ball among them — and is easy to create with some plastic piping and a few tennis balls. One thing to keep in mind, though is that Lawn Golf requires a bit of space, as players toss from roughly 15 to 20 feet away.

glow in the dark game, lawn bowling, diy lawn game
Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling
Will your party run after dark? Try playing glow-in-the-dark bowling! Using some plastic bottles, a pack of glow sticks, and a little glow-in-the-dark paint, this blogger created a fun nighttime lawn and driveway game for kids and adults alike.

diy lawn games, diy cornhole board, homemade cornhole game
DIY Cornhole Boards
Cornhole is a classic lawn game that's perfect for any family gathering, as it requires little explanation, only a modest amount of space, and is suitable for both kids and adults. Next time you intend to play, however, try making your own board! In her tutorial, this blogger even added a neat chevron design to her set of DIY Cornhole boards.

diy croquet, diy lawn games, outdoor games for kids,
Hula Hoop Croquet
An ingenious take on a classic game, this DIY tutorial uses hula hoops and small rubber kickballs to create a more kid-friendly version of croquet. Best of all, the set-up for this homemade lawn game is simple, and the materials are cheap.

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