10 Easy Garden and Flower Bed Designs

Posted by on May 19, 2015

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Tired of having a boring garden? Want to amp up your outdoor-garden game? Ready to take your creativity from your craft room to your backyard? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be in need of some outdoorsy inspiration. So, give your garden and flower beds a makeover. Take them from flat and typical to quirky, unique and unconventional. With these 10 ideas, you can match your flower and garden beds to your personal style or design aesthetic.

Marble-Chip Raised Flower Bed
If you already have a raised flower or garden bed but want a fresh look, try adding marble chips into your bed. This is a simple, cost-effective switch-up that does not require a lot of time or innovation. Still, the result looks elegant and modern. The white marble chips become a backdrop against which your colorful blooms can pop. How lovely!
Headboard Flower Bed
Turn an old headboard into a literal (flower) bed. Headboards can have really interesting shapes and come in really beautiful wood finishes, so you may be able to leave the headboards untouched for this design. Colorful flowers may pop against a cherry or maple finish, or all-green plants may complement a solid-colored or two-toned bed. This literal bed serves many purposes, including holding your favorite flowers and plants and looking super cute all at once.

Outdoor Concrete Sofa Flower Bed
Having outdoor seating is as essential and fun as growing your own garden, so why not have both? You can with this outdoor flower-bed sofa made of concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are easily attainable and durable and provide storage space. Put them to full use with this sofa-and-flower-bed design. Plant little flowers atop the arms and back of the sofa, and add cushions and pillows to make the concrete more comfortable and soft. This sofa is convenient and cute and serves multiple purposes.
Upcycled Stacked-Tire Garden Bed
It's time for some upcycling! Take some old tires from trashy to trendy with this stacked-tire bed design. Spray paint the ratty tires fun, bright colors, and add burlap and beams to the bottom of the tires to support the weight of the dirt and plants. Play around with the size, number and arrangement of the sizes for a garden bed design truly and uniquely your own.
Natural Wood Raised Garden
Instructables User Jamieicecream
For an all-natural garden bed that is both eco-friendly and pretty much free, look to this branch raised-bed design. All you'll really need are branches, soil, posts, beams and plants. It's that simple but oh-so beautiful. This intriguing, earthy garden bed will leave guests marveling and your wallet unscathed.
Chair-Seat Flower Planter
Literally, take a seat with this chair flower planter. Recycle an old, unusable chair or a cheap thrift-market find into a fun bed as a part of your garden design. Let the plant sit amongst the flowers and soak in your love and care. This idea is also a great space saver and an easy DIY.  Paint the chair to bring out the plant's colors or contrast it against the green plants for a bold garden statement.

Hanging Gutter Garden Bed
Goods Home Design
Another space-saving, apartment-appropriate bed design is the hanging gutter-garden beds. Definitely a conversation piece, this idea is both innovative and stylish. As suggested per the tutorial, add succulents, edibles or flowers into these tiny tubular beds. Suspended garden beds never looked so good.
Balcony Pallet Garden
Who said that an apartment or condo can't have an outdoor garden? That's where vertical gardening and patios or balconies cross paths. This pallet garden-bed design lets you have the garden you always wanted in the space you are allotted. Keep your flowers and succulents from slipping away by covering the sides, bottoms and back of the pallet slates with landscape fabric. This option perfectly saves space but boasts a beautiful mini garden.
Stacked Garden Beds
Soil, toil and garden double! That's right, double up on the raised garden beds to save space and create a chic, stacked look. Perfect for small or narrow yards, this design allows for full optimization of your garden wants and your space needs. To create a sturdy bed atop of another, bury posts in the ground underneath the beds. This design does not call for a lot of expensive costs, but splurge a little on the wood stain for a truly luxe look.
Succulent Dresser
Another furniture-to-garden-bed convert is this thrifty dresser design. Whether an old piece or cheap store pickup, a dresser garden bed is chic, rustic and unconventional in all the right ways. Drill little holes in the bottom of the drawers, fill in the unused drawer space with concrete garden edgers, and add soil and plants. This idea can be budget-friendly if done correctly but brings about a sense of coolness any way it is done.

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