3 Easy Tips for Urban Gardening

Posted by on Apr 22, 2024

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Space is always a challenge for anyone who lives in a city, and most of the large patches of green that are tempting to use for gardening are a part of public parks. But true lovers of horticulture will find a way to pursue their passion, either in a small patch of dirt or near a windowsill. 

If you don’t have a budget to hire a plant whisperer, and don’t want to gamble with the results, here are a few DIY gardening tips before getting your hands dirty. (Of course if you do want to gamble, you can always check out a spot like Spin Palace online casino.)

Upcycled Potting

You probably don’t realize all of the items that can be turned into planters with the right mixture of dirt, fertilizer and rocks to help aerate the roots. You can use a wine crate, jars, and sacks or almost any other container that can hold soil in it to plant herbs and vegetables like chives, Parsley, or Rosemary. To effectively recycle empty containers around your house, you need to understand how to layer soil for proper drainage. The above video from Buzzfeed shows how jars, plastic bottles and even wine corks can all be compact planters.

Layered Planters

If you’re lucky enough to have a gardening area around your house or apartment, you probably don’t have much horizontal space. So, think vertically. Layering planters is a good way to optimize the area without sacrificing the well-being of the plants. Look for a nice, strong base and add smaller planters upwards. In the above video, Garden Answer demonstrates how to create 10 square feet of gardening on a patio. You’ll need a chop saw and power drill to build the planter, so be prepared for some woodworking and be careful.

Hanging Plants

If you look up, you’ll see there’s plenty of vertical space you may underutilizing. Before you start hanging plants, keep a few things in mind. Some plants may grow too big hanging, outgrowing the pot they’re planted. So, choose your airborne plants wisely. You also need to ensure that your hanging plants are in safe positions that don’t collide with heads. 

In the above video, Harli gives tips on hanging plants by attaching a hook to a joist as well as using wreath hangers that bend over doors.

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