10 Mouthwatering Ways to Celebrate Chocolate Appreciation Day

Posted by on Jul 04, 2012

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I love cake and food crafts. Anything that's pretty and tasty is probably worth making, in my book. And chocolate? I love chocolate so much that if my husband leaves a party-sized bag of M&Ms in sight, it's gone when he gets home from work. (He's learning to hide them.) So naturally I think Chocolate Day should be a nationally recognized holiday. We should all be able to stay home on July 7th and devote ourselves to making fabulous chocolate recipes and chocolate crafts, like these ten crafts and recipes I found the other day while drooling on my keyboard. 

"Hot" Cocoa -- Chocolate Mousse with cayenne pepper kick in a chocolate mug
"Hot" Chocolate in Chocolate Mugs

Most parts of the country have been experiencing brutal heat waves for the past few weeks. Not Seattle. Which is why I can say today's a good day for hot chocolate without sarcasm (but perhaps a little disappointment). This "hot" chocolate from A Taste of Koko is perfect even for those of you who are truly experiencing summer. It's a mousse laced with cayenne pepper! Though I suppose the mug might melt... I guess this weather has its perks! 
Cupcake with an elaborate chocolate top hap topper made of tootsie rolls.
Cake & Cupcake Toppers 

Tootsie rolls are a remarkably versatile and forgiving chocolate medium. These stunning steampunk cupcake toppers from Bakingdom are one very awesome example, but Tootsie rolls can be used to form almost anything—from trees to shoes. After warming the classic candies up with body heat or a microwave, they're practically Play-Doh, so get creative! 
Chocolate Leaves
Chocolate Leaves

These beautiful white chocolate leaves could be used to adorn the top of a cake or beautify a serving platter. Though the finished product is remarkably delicate and elaborately detailed, they are surprisingly easy to make. Learn how at Sweet Dreams
Gorgeous cake topping chocolate rose
Chocolate Rose

Pair the chocolate leaves with this lovely chocolate rose. Make it from Tootsie rolls or from "chocolate plastic." Find the recipe and the tutorial at Cake on the Brain
Paint with chocolate like this lovely Audrey Hepburn chocolate painting.
Painting with Chocolate

This chocolate painting technique from Eye Candy is another way to make an unforgettable cake topper. Any crafter probably has the materials in a drawer right now. The possibilities with this awesome method are limitless, so go crazy! 
Customize your own chocolate bar!
Custom Chocolate Mold

Now, this chocolate mold project calls for some fancy supplies, including food-grade silicone, Foamcore and your favorite toy, but it isn't really that complicated. Plus it will last years, and it has the potential to make hundreds of chocolate bars with a personalized touch. Check out the tutorial over at Instructables and pick up the supplies at Make Your Own Molds
Portable S
Chocolate + Summer = S'mores

It's summertime, but that doesn't mean that your hands have to be sticky with the messiness of a campfire s'more. These portable s'mores by Tip Junkie pack all the summer flavor with much less goo. 
Chocolate Tuxedo and Wedding Dress Strawberries
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate and strawberries were made for each other. They should probably marry each other, really, and a tutorial at My Sweet and Saucy shows how to deck out some strawberries for the occasion. These treats would be suitable for a bridal shower or as a wedding favor, or just as a delicious and beautiful snack. 
Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse filled Chocolate Cups
Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cups

The full name of this creation is Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cups; "yum," for short. Find out how to make the edible containers and the mousse at Real Mom Kitchen
Chocolate shoe
Chocolate Shoe

Sugar Teachers teaches crafters how to make this stunning shoe from white chocolate. I can think of a number of good ways to use this shoe, for bachelorette parties or wedding showers or Barbie-themed birthday parties....  

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