6 Easy, Fun Food Plates to Impress Kids and Adults (VIDEO)

Posted by on Aug 08, 2016

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Bill and Claire Wurtzel, authors of Funny Food Made Easy: Creative, Fun, & Healthy Breakfasts, Lunches, & Snacks, makes plates with a healthy dollop of laughs. They realize what can happen when proper nutrition is neglected, and want to share their familial knowledge of how to make food fun. Wanna know simple tricks to craft foods into playful and inviting meals? In the following videos, check out just six of the many ways the Wurtzel's have been preparing meals for years.


In this first video, quickly learn how to transform a boiled egg into a cowboy with a hat and lasso. It's pretty simple. All you have to do is crop the egg into associating shapes and place them on a plate. This work of art should easily get children into eating their eggs - which are a great source of protein - in the morning.

Waffle Man

Wurtzel turns ordinary waffles into a funny face by adding a few fruits. Banana ears, strawberry eyes and blueberry buttons will surely excite little ones, and everything on the plate is good for them. Watch this video to see how to play with waffles and make them more appealing to children at the table.


Sunny side up! But how will the kids feel about plain old eggs for breakfast? No worries, Bill Wurtzel can transform these too! With english muffin ears, salad hair, carrot earrings and a few other parts you can make breakfast really funny and enjoyable. The idea is to get kids having fun with their food to make it a better experience and a more welcoming one. Watch this video and see how silly you can get with this dish and learn a cool, jazzy song to go with it.

Pancake Man

This next idea can be really fun especially if you tend to make funny shaped pancakes. Bill Wurtzel made a pancake shaped like a person's profile, so he crafted it into one using fruits, Cheerios and salad. What a neat idea! Fruits make a great addition to breakfast. Their vitamins agive you the extra boost you need in the morning to get your day going, and are even more important for kids as they'll need a push start off to school. This artsy dish can easily be expanded upon, depending what funny shapes your pancakes turn into.

Muffin Man

The ways to get funny with food are endless. Surely a tomato for a nose will make breakfast a time for laughing. In this quick video Wurtzel makes a silly face with whacky hair using everyday healthy ingredients. The best part is when he uses eggs for a tie.

Pita Face

Keeping readers positive about healthy food is Bill Wurtzel's plan in Funny Food Made Easy. His ideas are really "natural" and show that it is possible and easy to make healthy eating habitual for both adults and children. The options are as limitless as the ingredients. There are so many colorful foods to choose from to make art of meals; like cucumbers, parsley and sliced turkey in this "Pita Face".

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