10 Owl Crafts to Love

Posted by on Jan 11, 2022

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Owl crafts can be sweet, sophisticated and even stylish, despite their youthful appeal. From spray paint–gilded home decor to trendy paper stamps and cards, these owl crafts inspire everyone from young to old. Learn how to incorporate this bird of the night into any space with these inspirational projects.

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towel owl crafts
Owl Towel

Ordinary bathroom towels get an owlish refashion when a corner is folded over for a hood and eyes are attached, made from scrap fabric. Quick and easy, this owl craft would make an adorable gift for a newborn or could be customized for the larger crowd by sewing three or more large bath towels together.
Crazy Little Projects has the free how-to to make your own hooded owl craft. 
owl craft shoe refashion
Hoot Suede Shoes

Turn your Tom’s or other canvas shoes into a silly-sweet send-up of your favorite late-night lovie. This extremely easy shoe refashion makes a great craft for teenagers since it demands just a hot glue gun to attach fabric to the shoe and paint to add detailing. Mismatch the colors for a youthful look or coordinate them in monochromatic tones for something more sweet but sleek.
The Art of Homemaking shares how to make these DIY owl craft shoes.
toilet paper owl crafts
Fair Feather Friend

Toilet paper rolls supply this easy craft for kids. Even more, since markers are the only other material needed, it can be a spontaneous craft that needs little planning ahead. Use the rolls for candy holders or gift boxes. Looking for a craft just as conducive to spontaneity but a little more detailed? Learn how to papier mache to make even more owl crafts for kids with CraftFoxes' post
Learn how to make your own owl crafts from toilet paper rolls at Creative Jewish Mom.
magnet owl craft
Flip Your Lid

Feather your nest with these unique owl magnets made from the lids of frozen juice containers. Scrapbook paper cut into circles and stamped with a favorite figurine is finished by a magnet tacked to the lid’s back. Don’t have an owl magnet? Check out the next craft, carving rubber stamps at home.
Make your own owl craft magnets with Grow Creative’s free tutorial. 
fabric owl crafts
Owl Pal

Simple plushie owls like this flock from Heart Felt Designs are very popular right now. The uncomplicated oval-shaped body and two pointed tufts at the top make the owl craft an easy sewing craft, even for beginners or young sewers. Blanket stitch felt eyes and a beak to the fabric, or attach with fabric glue.
Download a free owl craft sewing template from Denise Ferragamo

foldable owl craft
Bird’s Eye View

This owl craft is also a free printable foldable and can be downloaded in 14 different colors. Turn them into a unique bunting, place them up high and all around for a fun scavenger hunt at a kid’s party or send them to friends, unfolded, for a delightful but unexpected “Thinking of you.”
Download all these free foldable owl crafts from 3eyedbear.
ceramic owl craft
Night Light Owl

A dollar store find becomes ironically trendy home decor when slapped with a splash of gold. If you find a ceramic owl spotted with small clefts like the one featured, consider adding a small votive for a unique shadow lantern or nocturnal night light.
Learn more about this unique owl craft via Glitter ‘N Glue
paper card owl crafts
Stamp of Approval

Middle school art class gets a modern send-up with this DIY rubber stamp craft using rubber linoleum. After designing your own image, or borrowing it from a book or blog, transfer the image onto the linoleum via free-hand drawing or transfer paper and then cut the shape using blades.
Get a photo tutorial of this unique owl craft from Jennifer Rizzo
soap bottle owl crafts
Owls of a Feather Recycle Together

Made from clear soap and shampoo bottles, this recycled owl craft can create a fun afternoon crafting with the kids. Use shelf paper, duct tape or scrapbook paper and strong glue to decorate the owl, and then set the containers around the house as desk organizers, treat bags or even as the foundation for this unique iPhone charging holder via A Beautiful Mess.
Pysselbolaget shares how to make your own owl craft, and the site even hosts a translator to convert the text into English, among other languages.
T-shirt owl crafts
Hootie Cutie

For this unique owl craft, a blocky silhouette (also a free printable) is cut onto freezer paper and then stenciled onto a spare T-shirt with just a few blobs of acrylic fabric paint. Aki from Minted Strawberry used a regular kitchen sponge to create a spottier finish. For more solid paint finish, consider foam brushes.
Like this owl craft? Head to Minted Strawberry for the free T-shirt how-to.

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