10 Pretzel Crafts for Kids and Adults

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012

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Pretzel Crafts and Recipes

Clockwise from Top Left: Love Elizabethany, Fake Ginger, Flax and Twine, The Idea Room


April 26 is National Pretzel Day, and we couldn't help but spotlight some of our favorite cake and food crafts that celebrate the knotty snack. From pretzel recipes to pretzel wearables, this list of salty goodness is sure to help make Pretzel Day or any day more delicious.

Pretzel Log Cabins

Flax and Twine features a rainy-day activity for kids that mixes pretzel sticks with edible mortar. Who says you shouldn't play with your food?
Pretzel Roller Coaster

Snyder's Pretzels is known for hosting a roller coaster replica competition. Participants must build a twisty thrill ride from pretzel sticks and other shapes, and Love, Elizabethany shows off some of the competition.
Mummy Pretzel Logs

Pretzels crafts aren't the only spooky thing at this holiday party. Get the tutorial at The Idea Room.
Felt Pretzel Play Food

If real pretzels aren't safe for your little one to eat, perhaps you'd rather sew your pretzels from felt. Check out the play food pretzels at Inner Child Fun.
Pretzel Brownies

Have pretzels ever looked more appetizing than when paired with cocoa? Get the savory sweet pretzel brownies recipe at Love From the Oven.
Chocolate Pretzel Butterflies

Have a springtime snack or prepare party treats with pretzels and candy. The recipe is over at Cooking with Libby.
Pretzel Knot Braid Hairstyle

Turn your hair into a pretzel with a video tutorial on braiding from Princess Hairstyles.
Pretzel Bread Bowls

A bread bowl made with pretzel dough is hollowed out and filled with cheddar ale soup. Get the recipe for soft pretzel bowls at Fake Ginger.
Fried Egg Candy with Pretzels

It may look like breakfast food, but this fried egg is made from pretzel sticks, marzipan and chocolate candies. This simple pretzel craft is courtesy of Taste of Home.
Spider Pretzels

Get the kids involved in shaping pretzel dough into fun shapes that look and taste great out of the oven. Check out the spider pretzels, music notes and bones at Modern Wife.

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