10 Refreshing Peppermint Recipes for Summer

Posted by on May 21, 2013

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Peppermint recipes have a place in every season: candy canes and peppermint tea in the cold seasons, spring peas tossed with mint when the flowers begin to bloom and mint-watermelon salad on those sultry summer days. To celebrate the soonest-dawning season, we’ve found summer-inspired peppermint recipes that are as refreshing and satisfying as the crinkly, hardy herb itself.

peppermint recipe
Peppermint Juice

Lemon and peppermint combine for a unique juice recipe. A simple syrup, made with either sugar or honey, sweetens the tangy drink. Blend all the ingredients together, and serve in chilled glasses for a stylish outdoor barbecue drink.
Zesti Be shares this unique peppermint recipe.
peppermint recipe
Peppermint Slaw & Fish Taco

Peppermint flavors a cabbage slaw salad, meant to pair with tilapia infused with garlic and Ancho peppers. The flavors are bright and satisfying but without the heaviness that can come from something like a hamburger. Even more, tacos are a great barbecue food in that they're portable and easy to customize for picky eaters.
Learn how to make this unique peppermint recipe via An Edible Mosaic.
peppermint recipe
Peppermint Watermelon Salad

Healthy but tasty, this peppermint recipe features some of summer’s greatest flavors. Crisp watermelon is paired with peppery arugula while peppermint blends together the sweet-saltiness of all the ingredients. A fruit juice vinaigrette adds a subtle tang.
Like this peppermint recipe? Hazel Bloom offers the recipe free.
peppermint recipe
Peppermint Chutney

Cilantro and mint combine for a unique chutney recipe, great for lamb chops, salmon or as a pre-dinner dipping sauce for naan or other chewy bread. Ginger and chiles add bite to the chutney while yogurt offers a cooling creaminess.
Cooking Contest Central shares a free peppermint recipe.
peppermint recipe
Peppermint Terrine

A vegetable terrine offers a unique alternative to salad. Favorite summer and spring vegetables like asparagus, fennel and spinach are layered between sheets of leaf gelatin for a sophisticated garden party dish. Infused peppermint oil is added to each slice just before serving.
Project Foodie shares this unique peppermint recipe.
peppermint recipe
Lamb Burger Topped with Peppermint Pesto

Lamb and mint jelly are a common English combination, but they receive a modern makeover when peppermint is made into a pesto and used for a lamb burger topper. Kale adds a healthy punch to the pesto while the burger is paired with roasted sweet potato fries.
Make this peppermint recipe via The Roasted Root.
peppermint recipe
Peppermint Strawberry Shake

Combining peppermint’s best known food creation — candy canes — with summer’s favorite berry — strawberries, this peppermint recipe uses candy canes to flavor a fruity milkshake. Try coconut milk yogurt for a vegan and dairy-free alternative. Know that the original recipe appears in German, so be sure to open the page in Google Chrome to use its free text translator.
Head to Sugar Stories for this free peppermint recipe.
peppermint recipe
Peppermint Cheesecake

This healthy cheesecake recipe features leftover Green Smoothie (that kale-yogurt breakfast combo), vegan yogurt and coconut flour for a dairy-free, gluten free sweet treat. Peppermint extract flavors the batter while a delicate mint leaf and chia seeds adorn the top.
Including Cakes shares this free peppermint recipe for cheesecake.
peppermint recipe
Peppermint Julep

Peppermint adds zest to a bourbon julep recipe, great for those summer nights sitting on the porch watching the sun set. Peppermint tea bags infuse the bourbon while brown sugar sweetens it, and the drink can be served chilled or warmed..
Learn how to make this recipe via We Are Not Martha.
peppermint recipe
Peppermint Pea Salad

Michelle Obama shares this peppermint recipe in her new cookbook, “American Grown.” The recipe uses peas fresh from the garden or farmer’s market, peppermint and a pea puree (a substitute for the traditional heavy cream dressing). Serve at a Sunday roast with new potatoes and a light fruit sorbet for dessert.
Yum Sugar has this free peppermint recipe.

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