10 Simple, Impressive Valentine's Day Handmade Gifts

Posted by on Feb 07, 2012

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There are lots of things we don't particularly enjoy about Valentine's Day — overbooked restaurants, gas-station roses and stale drugstore chocolates, to name a few. What we do love, though, about the holiday is (surprise, surprise) the crafts. With cute heart motifs and sweet color combinations, Valentine's Day crafts are probably second to only Easter crafts in terms of adorable-ness. And since you have to give a gift or two anyway, why not send your love with one of these charming projects?

Let's start with this cut-out cardigan, which we might just keep for ourselves. All you really have to do is cut out a heart shape from the back of a cardi, then back with a fun patterned fabric.
For the full tutorial for the heart cut-out cardigan, visit Stars For Streetlights.

handmade valentine
Felt Heart Wreath

Another one we'd like to keep for ourselves: a wreath of roses in a spectrum of vibrant hues. Instead of the real blooms, which involve a floral arranging skill set we don't have, these roses are created from scraps of felt. 
To find out how to make this felt heart wreath, visit moonlightbulb's Flickr.
handmade valentine
Fortune Cookies

Though they're more associated with Chinese New Year, fortune cookies filled with personalized messages are perfect for Valentine's Day. And no baking for these — simply cut and tape felted sweaters (or store-bought felt). 
For the video tutorial on how to make felt fortune cookies, visit Sassy Crafter.
handmade valentine
The Gift of Compliments

This is the easiest gift, yet the most rewarding one: an envelope full of compliments, hand-written on pretty paper. Absolutely everyone will be charmed by the gesture.

handmade valentine
Little Bunny

If you're going to go cute, you might as well go really cute. This bunny is perfect for kids and grown-ups alike, especially if it wears teeny clothes or bears an even tinier valentine.
To get the stuffed bunny pattern, visit All Sorts.

handmade valentines day gifts, diy wristbands
Valentine Wristbands

Have kids? Then mix up the tradition of typical perforated valentines with these easy wristbands. Basically, you cut out a heart, score it twice and then weave through a strip of felt. You can either tie them on, or add a velcro closure. Ta-da, wristband.

handmade valentine
Crayon Wallet

Another great gift for kids, this crayon wallet keeps playtime must-haves organized and easy to take along. Start by layering two rectangles of felt on top of each other, stitching around three sides, then stitching slots for crayons. 

handmade valentine
Embroidery Art

When it comes to embroidery, we have a sneaky trick that we use when we want to add a little extra personality to a piece: Just add a cartoon-y figure. (Easiest to achieve by adding eyes to a simple shape.) See the tip in action here? It's quirky, fun and cheerful. 

handmade valentine
White Chocolate Oreos

What, you didn't think we'd leave out some edible gifts, did you? White chocolate dipped Oreo cookies are a welcome change from drugstore chocolates, and are pretty budget-friendly to create. Just dip cookies into melted white chocolate, let cool and you're done. One important step, though ... don't eat them all.

gluten-free chocolate cake pops
Gluten-Free Cake Pops

Whether you know someone who can't handle gluten or just want to change up your baking repertoire, this recipe for gluten-free chocolate cake pops will satisfy any sweet tooth. Though what doesn't taste better in pop form?
For the gluten-free chocolate cake pop recipe, visit Elenas Pantry.

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