April Fool's Crafts

Posted by on Mar 23, 2023

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The first of April is the traditional day when we play friendly pranks on co-workers, family and friends. Why not include a bit of crafty flair to those pranks? There are plenty of awesome ideas out there, but we’ve gathered six that we think are fun, unique and hilarious. No matter who you’re pranking on April Fool’s Day, these crafts are sure to get a laugh. 

Fake, plastic ice in a cup of water
April Fool’s Ice

Imagine you’re taking a drink of ice cold water offered to you by your loving daughter. But you realize that something’s wrong — that’s not real ice! To make this realistic, but very fake ice, you’ll need to wrap some wooden blocks in foil to create cube-shaped molds. Fill those molds with clear beads and melt them in the oven. Then you’ll have some fake ice to fool your friends!
For more information on this April Fool’s Day craft, visit Alpha Mom.
A fake, pink popsicle with a fake spill underneath it
Popsicle Paperweight

Here is the quintessential April Fool’s Day craft. This would be a fun craft to do with your niece or nephew so they can trick their parents with a fake mess. First, cut shapes to form a popsicle shape and tape the cardboard pieces together. Fill that cardboard mold with dry beans or rice, and add a popsicle stick to the bottom. Glue colored tissue paper to the cardboard popsicle and add some glitter for a more realistic look!
For more instructions on this April Fool’s Craft, visit Instructables.
Cookies shaped like glasses, a funny nose, and mustache
Disguise Cookies

While these cookies aren’t necessarily a prank, they certainly are silly — and delicious — looking. These cookies hearken back to the "Groucho Marx" glasses that have an attached nose and mustache. As you will see in the tutorial, you can make large cookies that might actually be used as a mask held up to your face, or you can make smaller cookies with these silly faces on them. These are adorable and a great way to have fun with April Fool’s without pulling a prank. 
For more information on this April Fool’s Day craft, visit Munchkin Munchies.
A small layer cake with frosting and sprinkles
"Sponge" Cake

This is a really fun April Fool’s Day craft and as long as no one actually eats your cake creation, it’s perfectly harmless! Take some regular, old kitchen sponges and cut circles out of those sponges. Cut as many circles as you would like, depending on how tall you want your cake to be. Stack the circles and cover them in frosting, and then sprinkles. This cake will look so tasty and realistic that you might even fool yourself!
For more information on this April Fool’s Day craft, visit Still Cracking.
Jack-in-the-box with a child

This jack-in-the-box surprise is a great April Fool’s Day gift for some unsuspecting parents. Just hand them this box, tell them there’s a surprise inside, and watch as they laugh when their child’s picture pops out at them! For this craft you’ll need a small box with a lid, some colored paper and tape. Fold two strips of the colored paper together in an accordion style and glue your picture to the end. Compress your coiled paper, place it in your box and shut the lid. Test it out and then give it to someone for a funny surprise!
For more information on this April Fool’s Day craft, visit bloesem kids.

Grilled Cheese Cake
This April Fool’s Day craft is a bit like the “sponge" cake mentioned above, but it actually includes real cake! If you offer your kids this grilled cheese sandwich, they’re likely to receive a tasty surprise instead of a lunch. For the bread of this sandwich, use slices of pound cake that you’ve toasted in a toaster oven to give it that golden brown tinge. Then, for the cheese, spread some yellow-orange frosting between the slices of pound cake. 
For more information on this April Fool’s Day craft, watch the video!

Have you ever made an April Fool's Day craft? Tell us in the comments or email us at info@craftfoxes.com.

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