10 Simple and Impressive Valentine's Day Handmade Gifts

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014

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There are lots of things we don't particularly enjoy about Valentine's Day — overbooked restaurants, gas station roses and stale drug store chocolates, to name a few. What we do love, though, about the holiday is (surprise, surprise) the crafts. With cute heart motifs and sweet color combinations, Valentine's Day crafts are probably second only to Easter crafts in terms of adorableness. And since you have to give a gift or two anyway, why not send your love with one of these charming projects?

Let's start with this cut-out cardigan, which we might just keep for ourselves. All you really have to do is cut out a heart shape from the back of a cardi, then back it with a fun patterned fabric. For the full tutorial for the heart cut-out cardigan, visit Stars For Streetlights.

a wreath made of red and pink felt rose buds
Felt Heart Wreath

Here's another great gift we'd like to keep for ourselves: a wreath of roses in a spectrum of vibrant hues. Instead of the real blooms, which involve a floral arranging skill set we don't have, these roses are created from scraps of felt. This tutorial uses wool sweaters that you can find at your thrift store, tossed in the dryer until they're thick and felted. Cut them up and start constructing these rosebuds!
For more on this tutorial, visit moonlightbulb's Flickr.
felt fortune cookies in pink, yellow, orange and red
Fortune Cookies

Though they're more associated with the Chinese New Year, fortune cookies filled with personalized messages are perfect for Valentine's Day. You can customize the messages inside for whomever you're handing out these crafts to. Whether you're giving these cookies to a friend or someone who's a bit more special, they're sure to appreciate these cute crafts. There's no baking required for these cookies either — simply cut and tape felted sweaters (or store-bought felt). 
For a video tutorial on how to make felt fortune cookies, visit Sassy Crafter.
handmade, decorated envelope
Personalized Compliments

This is perhaps the easiest gift on this list, but it might be the most rewarding one: an envelope full of compliments, handwritten on decorative paper. To make this gift even more special, you can place your compliments in a handmade envelope like the one shown here. All you'll need is some scrapbooking paper and various crafting supplies. Customize the envelopes for whomever you're gifting with these compliments!
For more instructions on these handmade envelopes, visit Simple Stories.
a white stuffed bunny wearing a red polka-dot dress
Fluffy Bunny

If you're going to go cute, you might as well go really cute. This bunny is perfect for kids and grown-ups alike, especially if it wears teeny clothes or delivers an even tinier valentine. You could get really creative with this little bunny and dress him up in Star Wars gear if your valentine is a Star Wars fan. That kind of customization would work for just about anything — Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, or even The Hobbit!
To get the stuffed bunny pattern, visit All Sorts.
felt bracelets with hearts on them
Valentine Bracelets

With this craft, you can remix the traditional, perforated valentines with these easy bracelets. To create these bracelets, simply cut strips of felt for the wristband and then heart shapes for the bracelet's charm. Attach a piece of velcro to one end of the bracelet and you're done. Ta-da — a Valentine's Day bracelet! These would be a great gift for kids to give their friends on Valentine's Day.
For more information on these bracelets, visit My Plum Pudding.
a wallet made of striped material to hold paper and crayons
Crayon Wallet

This crayon wallet is a great gift for kids and will keep playtime supplies organized and easy to pack up for travel. You'll need some interestingly patterned fabric to make this wallet — you might want to choose two differently patterned fabrics so that one is on the outside and the other is on the inside. When you're finished, your kids will be able to stow their crayons and some paper to draw on in this handy and fashionable wallet.
For more information on this crayon wallet, visit Modest Maven.
embroidery hoops filled with pink hearts and valentines art
Embroidery Art

These embroidery art hoops can be gifts for friends and loved ones, or they can serve as holiday-appropriate decoration around the house. You'll need some embroidery hoops, of course, as well as some thread in Valentine's Day colors, some scrap fabric, and some buttons. Then you can just go to town and be creative with what you'd like to embroider! 
For more information on this embroidery art, visit Living Well Spending Less.
Oreos covered in white chocolate
White Chocolate Oreos

White chocolate dipped Oreo cookies are a welcome change from drug store chocolates, and are pretty budget-friendly to create. These cookies are also super easy to make — just dip your Oreos into melted white chocolate, let cool and you're done. As shown here, you can also add on some pink and red sprinkles, or even heart-shaped sprinkles. These look delectable!
For more on the recipe for these white chocolate oreos, visit Frugal Upstate.
cake pops covered in chocolate and sprinkles
Gluten-Free Cake Pops

Whether you know someone who can't handle gluten or just want to change up your baking repertoire, this recipe for gluten-free chocolate cake pops will satisfy any sweet tooth. You'll need a heart-shaped muffin pan to create the tiny hearts that will serve as the cake pops. When the cake is cooled, frost and add sprinkles, and then slide in the stick for a tasty treat!
For the gluten-free chocolate cake pop recipe, visit Elenas Pantry.

Credits: Stars for Streetlights, Flickr.com/moonlightbulb, Sassy Crafter, Simple Stories, All Sorts, My Plum Pudding, Modest Maven, Living Well Spending Less, Frugal Upstate, and Elena’s Pantry

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    These are some really interesting gifts to be presented on valentine's day. As this day is a few days from now, I would definitely try and make some of these for my boyfriend.