Valentine Crafts — 7 Ideas You'll Heart

Posted by on Feb 05, 2013

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Whether or not you have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that seems tailor-made for crafters. The Valentine crafts below are great if you have children who are experiencing their first Valentine’s Day in school, if you’re decorating your house for the holiday or if you just want to get in the spirit of the season of romance by adding some hearts to your crafting repertoire. So take a look at these seven crafting suggestions and get ready for the holiday of red, pink and hearts!

Multi-colored conversation hearts made from felt.
Felt Conversation Hearts

One of the signature candies given for Valentine’s Day are the classic conversation hearts. To turn these sugary treats into a Valentine’s Day craft, you’ll need some felt, stuffing and thread. From the felt, cut two heart shapes and one long strip. Sew the pieces together inside out, then turn them right side out and fill them with stuffing. Then you can embroider anything you’d like on the front of your heart. These are an adorable home decoration or an easy alternative to candy for your child’s classmates. 
For more directions on this Valentine’s Day craft, visit Craft Bits.
A bear made of pink, foam hearts.
Foam Heart Bear

This is a great craft for young kids who want to get involved in the holiday preparations. All you’ll need to make this adorable bear is some foam hearts that you can find at your local craft supply store. If you have some excess foam or extra foam sheets lying around from previous craft projects, you can simply cut out some heart shapes. Glue the hearts together to create the bear shape seen in this photo, add a sequin for his nose and you’re finished! To display this crafting project, add a magnet to the back of the bear for the refrigerator.
For more information on this Valentine’s Day craft, visit Crafts Kaboose.
Two, small, crocheted hearts in pink and white.
Crochet Valentine’s Heart

These hearts are in the same vein as the felt conversation hearts but have a crochet kick. If you’re into crocheting, this is a great way to beef up your skills. According to the crafting blog this project comes from, the pattern is set up to create teeny tiny heart bunting that you can string up for the holiday or just for fun. 
For all the details on this crochet pattern, visit Sewing Daisies.

An envelope-shaped pouch with a heart on the front.
Valentine's Envelope Chair Pouch

Here’s another great craft for kids of the classroom age, since most teachers have kids bring Valentine’s cards for everyone in the class. This envelope pouch is a perfect way for your child to keep track of all those things to bring home at the end of the day. You’ll need three sheets of white felt, some red felt, ribbon, a needle and thread. Using the printable pattern at the link below, cut your felt and sew the pieces into an envelope shape.
For more information on this Valentine’s Day craft, visit Craft Bits.
Valentine's Kisses

Need a treat for your Valentine's Day party? These adorable Valentine’s Kisses require minimal effort but will look fantastic when you present them to your guests. Simply find some nicely patterned paper in the colors of Valentine’s Day and cut out lots of little heart shapes. Glue those hearts onto some toothpicks, and then stick the toothpicks into a Hershey’s Kiss!
For more information on this Valentine’s Day craft, visit Craftaholics Anonymous.
A heart covered in crepe paper rosettes hung on a doorknob.
Crepe Paper Heart Decoration

This crepe paper heart decoration would be great for your front door or even for a dorm room door if you’re a student. It's also a very thrifty craft project because it only involves cardboard and crepe paper. Just cut out a heart shape from the cardboard, then take a strip of crepe paper and roll it into a rosette, as shown. Then hot glue the crepe paper rosettes to fill in the cardboard heart. When you’re finished, you can add a border of crepe paper around the edge of the heart for extra panache. 
For more information on this Valentine’s Day craft, visit At Second Street.
A card made of purple paper with a lollipop stuck to the front.
Lollipop Card

This Valentine’s craft is perfect for a child who wants to give a friend — or first crush — a little gift. All that's required is some colorful paper, a tiny red button and a lollipop for the finishing touch. Use one color of paper to fold into a card and cut two horizontal slits to hold the lollipop. Then cut out two hearts from another color of paper. Glue the hearts sideways on the card with their points touching. Glue your tiny button to the point where your hearts meet and then slide in your lollipop.  
For more information on this Valentine’s craft, visit Free Kids Crafts. 

Credits: Craft Bits, Crafts Kaboose, Sewing Daisies, Craftaholics Anonymous, At Second Street, and Free Kids Crafts. 

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