10 Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Posted by on May 02, 2012

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Now that you're the bride, ditch the cliché monogrammed necklaces, and show your (very) deserving bridesmaids a little craft-love instead. Think something trendy, something intimate — something they'll use more than once.

photo flipbook bridesmaid gift
It Went By So Fast!

For a unique take on the friendship scrapbook, consider this photo animation flip book, which transforms a favorite video of you and your bridesmaid into photos. For a unique touch, have yourself as the last picture of this animation, holding a “Thank you!” banner and a big grin.
Get the free photo flip book tutorial from Photo Jojo!
vintage lace headband bridesmaid gift
Hair Bands Are Back, Baby!

Whether or not this becomes the bridesmaids' hairstyle de jour on your Big Bad Day, this vintage lace headband is an easy (and thrifty!) goddess-glam project. Applique, ribbon, a threaded needle and five minutes are all that separates you from a unique bridesmaid gift.
Get the free vintage lace headband tutorial from Ruffled Blog!
cover of mollie makes magazine
Bridget Jones Meets Martha Stewart

Consider a bridesmaid gift that sprinkles out treats all year long — a magazine subscription. Might we recommend the British craft magazine, Mollie Makes?
Get a subscription to the British craft magazine, Mollie Makes!
mini postcard bridesmaid gift
How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

For a gift that's low on cost but high on love, consider the “100 Favorite Things” note. You record — you guessed it — 100 things you like about your bridesmaid. Better yet, put the compliments on a mini postcard and mail!
Head to Photojojo for the free “World's Smallest Photo Postcard” tutorial!
crochet slippers bridesmaid gift
If the Shoe Fits...

After taking care of you all day, your bridesmaids will appreciate something warm and cozy on their tired tootsies. These crochet ballet slippers offer a comfy thank you for all their hard and often unseen help.
Crochet these unique ballet slippers with the free pattern at Sarah's Sweethearts!
chocolate gift box bridesmaid gift
Chocolate — Enough Said

Chocolate is the little black dress of food and — from what we've heard — a fan favorite among women. Splurge on gourmet chocolates like these $70 Moonstruck Chocolate gift boxes.
Or, try your hand at homemade truffles via Joy of Baking!
coffee bridesmaid gift
The Best Part of Waking Up

If sweets aren't the treat to honor your bridesmaids' amazing feats, then consider the Gothic version of chocolate — coffee. Bundle a collection of gourmet coffee beans, mugs, tools and other caffeinated accoutrement. For DIY-ed-in-the-wool crafters, consider roasting your own coffee beans.
Learn how to roast your own coffee at Sweet Maria's using only a Goodwill popcorn roaster!
locket bridesmaid gift
The Locket Docket

So. We've established that monogrammed necklaces are on the “Do not go there list,” but that doesn't mean all jewelry is off-limits. Consider this vintage locket. Lovely, right? But it's your personal love note, tucked inside, that makes it an intimate gift for bridesmaids.
Get more on the vintage locket idea from 100 Layer Cake!
black pearl bridesmaid gift
Pearls of Wisdom

Revamp the traditional pearl necklace bridesmaid gift by going homemade. Add a little funk to the classy classic by using ring- or baroque-shaped pearls.
Get the free pearl necklace tutorial from Scientific Psychic!
etched glass bridesmaid gift
Monogram This!

For those who absolutely have to have monograms, consider crafting custom etched glass. Use shot glasses for Sorority Sarah or Irish coffee mugs for Seattle Sally.
Head to Create Studio for the free etched glass monogram tutorial!

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