10 Ways to Refashion T-Shirts

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016

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Refashioning T-shirts seems to be all the craze these days. It's easy to see why: The possibilities are endless. And who doesn't have a pile of old shirts, whether they are worn or brand new? From a headband to yoga pants and from a quilt to a one-shoulder top, check out some of the best upcycled T-shirts tutorials we've found around the web.

Swirled Ruffle Pillow

When Alisa saw a pillow at Target that she really liked, she didn't buy it — she made it herself, down to the cute ruffles swirling the pillow. The ruffles are also the perfect way to hide any imperfections. And the end result is even better than the original inspiration.
See how the upcycled T-shirt pillow is made at The Sweet Life.
refashioned T-shirt
Large T-Shirt to Fitted

This no-sew upcycle project turns an oversized T-shirt into a fitted one in just an hour. Now you can actually wear — out in public — those large shirts that are probably in a pile in the closet. While it would take less time if you sew the sides, we can guarantee it wouldn't look as cute!
Check out Erika's refashioned T-shirt at Connect the Dotsons.
No-Sew Tank Top

This upcycled racerback top is perfect as a workout shirt, swimsuit coverup or a lounge T-shirt. The tutorial also includes how to make slight variations to the project.
Find the refashioned T-shirt inspiration at Dollars, Sense and More.
pleated T-shirt refashion
Anthropologie Squeezebox Top

Why spend more than $48 for a shirt from Anthropologie when all you need is two T-shirts, scissors, thread and some pins to make your own? Sarah shows you how to create that pleated look, and spent no more than two hours on the entire project. Who can tell the difference? We sure can't!
Get Sarah's T-shirt tutorial at Jay N Sarah.
T-shirt to yoga pant upcycle
Versatile Yoga Pants

Refashion that T-shirt into cool and comfy yoga pants, perfect for lounging and to pair with (what else?) a comfy T-shirt. Some sewing is required!
Find the inspiration for this upcycled project at Makezine.
T-shirt bag
Ten-Minute No-Sew Bag

The simplest version of this bag is ideal for refashioning smaller T-shirts — just turn the bottom into a drawstring and tie it closed. It's so simple and perfect to give as a gift. 
Check out the upcycled T-shirt project at Leethal.
T-shirt scarf
T-Shirt Scarf

Make a bold statement with this half-braided, half-loose scarf. Make it as long or as short as you want! For best results, stick with stretch fabrics or cotton.
Interested in refashioning a T-shirt into a scarf? Head over to Max & Me Designs.
T-shirt quilt upcycle
Personal Quilt

This upcycle tutorial is a one-stop project for all of those T-shirts that have a variety of logos and designs — think between 30 to 40. If you know how to make a basic quilt, Stacie says this will be easy to make with the right supplies.
See how to make the T-shirt quilt at Stars for Streetlights.
T-shirt headband
Stylish Headband

After making this woven headband from an upcycled T-shirt, you'll want to make one of every color to match all of your outfits. All you'll need is a shirt and a hot glue gun.
Check out IBT Girls T-shirt headband tutorial at Inspired by This.
One-shoulder top made from a T-shirt
One-Shoulder Top

You'll want to show off this upcycled no-sew top that only requires a T-shirt, scissors and chalk to create. Extra tip: Wash in cold water and hang dry to get the look.
Check out the before and after T-shirt upcycle at Wobisobi.

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