11 Simple Yet Meaningful Crafts To Honor Veterans

Posted by on Jul 01, 2022

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City Girl Gone Mom


Most patriotic holidays come with a nod to the patriots who sacrificed so much to secure freedom — July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day. 

Veterans Day is a little more focused. It initially started as Armistice Day, a commemoration of World War I, which ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. In 1947, World War II veteran Raymond Weeks figured the celebration should extend beyond participants of the “War to End all Wars” to all veterans. 

There are many ways to honor the veterans. Sometimes the gratitude can be expressed as simply as making a donation to a charity that sponsors veterans. If you’ve got a pile of items you don't need, but may be useful to others, schedule a free donation pick up with a non-profit organization that assists veterans. 

If you want to express your appreciation creatively, the crafts listed below can be done by yourself or with your kids.

1. Remembrance Wreath
Put together a wreath in red, white and blue. You can be as creative as you want with the materials — from paper plates and crepe paper flowers to real grasses and branches with colored ribbons (see the lead image from City Girl Gone Mom). It could also be just red to resemble the red poppies that symbolize the bloodshed of war, as portrayed in the wartime poem "In Flanders Fields," written by Lt. Col. John Mc Crae M.D. 

2. Red, White, And Blue Ribbons
Ribbons that resemble medals given to veterans are symbolic and meaningful. You can wear them afterward or create enough to share them with passersby, to remind them of the veterans on the day. 

3. Card of Gratitude 
Encourage kids to draw and write a simple message of appreciation. They can even send them to a VA hospital to distribute to the veterans.

Growing Uo Blackxican
4. Patriotic Photo Frame
Starting with a basic photo frame, decorate the borders with the colors or elements of the American flag. (See the above example from Growing Uo Blackxican.) You can use it to frame a patriotic collage, or if there’s a veteran in your family, use their photo and display it in the living room. 

5. Soldier's Medal 
Using a satin ribbon in patriotic colors, kids can create a soldier's medal and use these as props in a parade. 

6. Paper Pinwheels 
 Paper pinwheels in red, white, and blue can be used to decorate bedrooms or the yard. You can also cut the wheels into the shape of poppy flowers. 

7. Embellished Quote Art
There are numerous ways to make quote art. One popular way is to collect dried leaves of different shapes and then decorate them with paints, glitter pens, and/or embellishments like sequins in patriotic colors. Use the leaves to decorate a meaningful quote for veterans, and display the piece in a frame.
DIY to Donate
8. Veterans' Bracelet 
Craft a veteran's bracelet using beads in different sizes, depending on your preference. You’ll need beading wires, clasps, and pliers. Another option is to braid a paracord into a combat bracelet similar to what soldiers wear for their missions. These can also serve as symbolic friendship bracelets, especially when given on Veterans Day. 

9. Patriotic Brooch
Brooches made from various materials like glass, metal, and beads in veteran colors will be lovely to give away to celebrate this special occasion. Start with a brooch pin base in your preferred size and shape, and don’t forget to use glue specific to the type of material you’re using.
10. Patriotic Crochet Earrings 
Circle or star-shaped crochet earrings in red, white, and blue can be fashionable accessories that teens can wear on this momentous day. Take it up a notch by using metallic or glitter yarns for some sparkle. 

11. Washer Necklaces In Veteran Colors 
This unique accessory is easy to make and won’t cost much. Get the washers from a hardware store, and a few yards of twine or yarn from the craft shop. Paint the washers with nail polish in glittery red, white, and blue. The accessory can e part of a boho-inspired look for your fashionista teen.

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