30 Origami Animals to Fold from Paper

Posted by on Sep 20, 2017

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Ever imagined what your favorite animals look like in paper form? Of course you have! Well, here for your viewing pleasure, and with links to relevant tutorials, is a run-through of some funky-looking animals crafted by a single piece of colored paper – pretty remarkable, don’t you think?

These paper-folding exercises, otherwise known as origami, are a traditional Japanese art allowing you to turn almost anything into a 3-D work of art! The aim is to change a flat piece of paper into a sculpture using a variety of paper-folding techniques. The final products may look fairly extravagant but these make-believe animals are surprisingly easy to replicate and can take just minutes to craft. So take a look at these top 30 creations – you may soon be creating many more to add to your funky origami animal collection! Oh, just remember to stock up on plenty of paper!

Emma Parkinson has contributed this list of animal origami patterns on behalf of Print Media LTD, a company that offers commercial printing, design service and digital printing in Liverpool and throughout the U.K.

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  • by caglade
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    These origami animals are fantastic! The tutorials are easy to follow, making them perfect for kids and beginners. I can't wait to try making my own paper zoo.buy turkish coffee online . Thanks for sharing such a creative and fun craft idea!

  • by elliotzucker
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    Really creative. The papers will not be wasted but will become wonderful decorative products. Try creating a fish eat fish image to see how funny and adorable it is.

  • by schulist32
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    Simple controls with just left and right movements make it easy to pick up in slope 3