Beautiful Valentine's Day Origami to Impress the Ones You Love (VIDEOS)

Posted by on Jan 14, 2021

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If you want to make a unique Valentine's Day gift that shows your devotion and doesn't cost as much as a five-carat diamond, consider folding roses, a gift box or even a ring. The videos below show you how to make something beautiful — what better way to express your love than making something with your hands?

One of the particularly cool videos includes an origami gift box you can fold and use to mold chocolate fudge inside of it.

You can find a lot of videos about folding origami roses on the internet. These modified Kawasaki roses (developed by Conrad Chou) are some of the most beautiful and ornate. The petals curl outward for a sculpted look. You may want to try a simpler rose first, but if you can work you way up to these, your loved one is bound to be impressed.

Already have an impressive gift but just need a little nice wrapping? This heart-shaped box, designed by Jeremy Shafer, is a sweet bonus for a little bit of chocolate or piece of jewelry. Chances are the recipient will treasure the heart (and the care that went into making it) almost more than anything you can buy.


Want to wear your heart on your finger? Deutsche Origami-Tutorials shows how to fold a ring to do just that. Of course, you probably also want to make one for significant other. This cute Valentine's Day gift also makes a great craft for teens.

Step up your origami jewelry game with this stunning heart necklace, designed by Given that it's a necklace made out of paper (and a little loop) it comes off as wonderfully convincing. Plus it makes a great conversation piece and will give your loved one a reason to remember you.

This qualifies as two clever handmade gifts in one. After folding the gift box, Ochikeron shows you how to mix chocolate fudge and then use the box as a mold. Don't worry, a little plastic bag keeps the fudge from getting stained. A brilliant gift.

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