5 Easy and Unforgettable Photo Projects (VIDEO)

Posted by on Oct 11, 2019

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With almost everyone having a camera within arm’s reach it seems like people are taking more photos than looking at them. In between the awkwardly lit entree shots and umpteenth sunset pics on your phone’s camera roll, there are probably many you’d like to print and see on your wall. If you’re looking for distinctive ways to showcase them there are many cost effective and beautiful projects. The following frames, albums and displays remind the view that a snapped moment can mean much more than just a quick tap of one’s finger.

If you don't have time to make your own photo project, 365Canvas has a bunch of different photo-based gifts you can create, including ornaments, photo canvases and wall art.

Upcycled Frame

plastic straw photo frame
Ideas about for turning old magazines and unused scraps into photo frames. In Akash Creations' video, plastic straws are glued together and painted to become upcycled home decor. 


Photo Lamp or Lampshade

photo project lamp
After printing a photo onto vellum paper, all you need is a little tape to adhere it to a advent candle or lamp.


Handmade Photo Album

Sure you can buy a photo album for a few dollars at a drugstore. But with a roll of washi tape, plastic sheets, cardboard and some crafty knowhow, you can turn that picture holder into a unforgettable project or wonderfully personal project.


Hanging Picture Display

DIY photo wall hanging
A project for those who have several beloved photos and a little DIY ability: Lily Ardor's hanging picture display combines clay, twine and paint into a beautiful geometric wall hanging.


Wood Decor with Photo Transfer

craft wood photo
Did you know you can use an iron to transfer a photographic image onto wood? COOPH crafts several impressive photo and wood projects that make for distinctive and longlasting decor and gifts.


Photo Flipbook

DIY photo flip book
If you need to make wedding favors and have some great cutting and pasting skills, Sunny Lin's photo flipbooks are charming and easy to assemble.


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