6 Projects to Make Your Bed Cozy

Posted by on Apr 26, 2018

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When you're a kid, all that's necessary to make a cool bed is a handful of blankets and enough imagination to believe you're camped out in a fort. As a teenager you want your bed to be a stylish and cool. Most adults want their beds to be cozy getaways from the cares of work and family. Here are ideas for making your bed a signature piece of decor, temporary workspace and emergency cocoon. If you're looking to upgrade your sleeping quarters, you may want to check out Rest Right Mattress for a new mattress.

Light Up Headboard

Christmas lights have a stylish magic that lasts all year round and long after you stop believing in the bearded man in the red suit. Nastazsa’s light-up headboard is both low-cost and elegant — a great option for the room of a teen who might want a new look in a few months or a post-grad who doesn’t have a long lease. The white lights are strung behind a sheer IKEA curtain. This “headboard” isn’t much of a place to rest your noggin, but makes a wonderful accent piece.

Pallet Wood Laptop Desk

For anyone who turns their bed into a makeshift workspace this low-cost dev is a smart accessory. Tara from “Shop Style Conquer” explains how the platform can be build from pallet wood slats or even leftover wood beam scraps. Other than the wood, screws (long and short) and L-brackets are most of the other required materials. When you’re not using the work desk, it can double as a small side table.

Platform IKEA Bed

Need to make the most out of a small bedroom space? Hope to turn your sleeping area into a castle? You'll get a kick out of this piece of combo furniture. To make this platform bed with storage area, Handy Did attaches several IKEA wall cabinets together and leaves a crawlspace underneath the bed slat for that extra cache. Shelves are added to the cabinets and the “stairs” up to the bed get are carpeted.

DIY Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

Do you have a color or fabric you love so much you want to be ensconced in it? Then sewing your own duvet and pillowcases makes sense. Wendy (of WithWendy) demonstrates how to cut and machine sew fabric for your custom-made bed covers. Wendy’s finishes her pillowcases with clean hems and ties for a professional and streamlined style. The duvet is similarly made and a little more complex. If you’re serious about fashioning your own pillowcase and duvet, she also offers links to written instructions.

Furry Lounger

For those who take lounging seriously, this lounger is like being in bed while being hugged by a cuddly  orangutan. Shaped like the top half of a chair with arms, you can justify the build by saying you’ll get more work or reading done, but you’ll probably nod off about 15 minutes into study time.

Luxe Headboard

Priscilla Tuft puts together a “great for right now,” semi-permanent headboard made out of particle wood, foam and silk fabric. To shape the fabric, Priscilla creases, folds and sews the material into the right shape. Tufted buttons are created with screws and pushpin accents pieces. The whole project takes a little over an hour. While you may not want to keep a piece like this up for years, it definitely adds a bit of quick class to your bedroom.

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