5 Simple Ways to Make-over a Drab Chair

Posted by on Feb 18, 2016

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Got a chaise that's past it's prime, but you still love? Found a flea market rocker that has beautiful bones, and the need for a facelift? Check out the list below for ideas on remaking an old chair into a stylish statement piece.

Reupholster It

how to reupholster a chair
You may know that changing the fabric cover of a chair is a perfect way to give an old piece of furniture a completely new look. What you may not realize? Depending on the style of chair you’re reupholstering, it’s a pretty easy process.

Start by removing fabric from the bottom, since this is where most chairs are finished. If you’re reupholstering the seat of a dining room style chair, you’ll want to detach the seat from the rest of the chair. But before you start you'll probably want to read the directions and watch the video below and make sure you're comfortable with the process.

Quick tips:
● If your chair has ply grip, you can use a butter knife to pry the grips apart when removing the fabric. 
● When adding new fabric, smooth it and use staples to secure it in place. 
● Trim any extra fabric off before putting your chair back together.

In this video, an antique chair is redone. Depending on the type of chair you're working with — such as lounge chair, dining room chair — you may want to get more specific instructions.

Paint It

repainting a wood chair
coat of paint can be all it takes to transform a piece of furniture. However, there will be different steps to take depending on the piece. You'll need to prepare the surface. If the wood has varnish, sand it to remove the finish. Be sure to wear protective gear to keep your eyes and lungs safe from any dust created. Once the wood has lost its shine you’re ready to apply primer and paint. When the paint dries, you can apply a sealant to keep your furniture looking nice for years to come.

Check out more advice in in the video below.

Learn important details about sanding and painting in the above video.

Decoupage It

how to decoupage a chair
Covering lackluster furniture with colorful paper is one quick way to up the "wow" factor. For this makeover, you’ll need: 

● Mod Podge 
● Paintbrush 
● Something to smooth the paper with (a clean and dry foam roller works well) 
● Paper (scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, whatever you want) 
● Fine grit sanding block 

Prepare your furniture: Make sure it’s cleaned, painted and sanded before beginning. Once you choose your paper and have your supplies, you’re ready to go. Measure out enough paper to cover the surface with a little extra hanging over the edges. Dip your paintbrush in the Mod Podge and apply an even layer to the surface you plan to cover. Carefully lay down your paper, smoothing with your foam brush to work out any wrinkles. Allow your paper to dry before covering it with a layer (or two) of Mod Podge to seal it. Once the sealant has dried, use the sanding block around the edges to remove any excess paper.

Find more tips in the video below.

Depending on how much of the chair you're decoupaging, it may be necessary to disassemble it. More tips in the video above.

Wrap It with Yarn

how to wrap a chair with yarn
Yarn-wrapped chairs are a playful way to add color and texture to a bland chair. You can create a solid or colorful pattern, just pick a yarn and get started. For this project, all you need is tons of yarn, a pair of scissors and some free time. 

● Begin by tying off the end of your strand of yarn, then start wrapping around making sure to keep the layers close together. Wrap until you reach the end of a section (like one of the legs) then tie your yarn again before moving to the next section.

To get an clearer perspective on technique, watch the video below.

Tightly wrapping yarn around a chair requires a careful technique. Watch for details in the video.

Distress It

how to distress paint a chair
Faux-aged pieces can look great and distressing is an easy way to change the look of your chair. With a little paint and some sanding, you can completely change the appearance of your chair without breaking the bank. Just be sure to clean the chair first and sand to remove any varnish already present then you’re ready to paint and distress to your heart’s content.

Debi's shares her enthusiasm for distressing chairs in the above video.

Changing a dull piece of furniture doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, with these five makeovers you can take a chair from drab to fab in no time. Once your project is complete your friends will be so impressed everyone will be asking you for tips.

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