5 Surprisingly Stylish Felt Flower Crafts

Posted by on Feb 01, 2019

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If you only associate felt with elementary school projects and blackjack table covers, you shouldn’t underestimate the matted material. Traditionally, felt was made out of wool, yet synthetic fibers are commonly used today. According to some historic accounts, early felt crafts included gloves and socks, but flowers are some of the most popular projects adults make with the shaggy fabric these days. 

Before visions of your grandmother’s living room start pirouetting through your head, consider that felt flowers are not only long lasting, but can be amazingly stylish. Here are five petal-packed projects that will likely have you rethinking your opinion of the material you may not have touched since sixth grade.

Cherry Blossoms

These delicate and realistic cherry blossoms are put together using a combination of floral wires, felt and chalk. FumikaSaku’s video is only music and video images, but the steps to making the flowers are impressively clear. You’ll also need a glue gun to stick everything together.

Felt Succulents

Not sure you want to commit a lot of time to learning the art of felt flower crafting? Deidre from Flohra Design explains how to arrange a felt succulents onto a wood base in a project that takes about 30 minutes. If you don’t have a die cut machine to create the shapes, she explains how to buy them cheap. The projects are simple enough that a teen could even do them as long as he or she is comfortable working with a glue gun.

Felt Mod Flower Wall Decor

Design M has created a very mod take on the traditional flower bouquet. Here “flowers” are lavender felt circles with yellow or blue centers. Unlike some of the other flower projects, this will take a bit of planning and sewing, but the results will likely leave you with an impressive wall hanging.

Flower Pillow

About four minutes into this video about farmhouse decor ideas is a grey pillow with a flower made out of felt. If you you’re a dollar store shopper, the project will likely cost less than $10. Cassandra, the creator of Clutterbug, offers a template for shaping the felt petals and explains how they should be rolled and glued onto the pillow in her tutorial.

3D Flower Felt Canvas

One simple felt bloom centered on a square or rectangle can a simple statement piece. After painting chevrons or polka dots onto a canvas (and letting the paint dry), the felt petals are cut, folded and glued down. The finished project would look great in a teen’s room or a post-grad’s first apartment.

Toilet Holder Roller

A rose-covered toilet roll holder may not be the most stylish project listed here, but it will definitely be a conversation starter. The tp holder is cloth and the roses are rolled pink felt, hot glued onto the holder. Rest assured that no one’s toilet paper holder will get more comments.

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