9 Tips for Easy, Elegant Floral Bouquets for Your Home

Posted by on Jul 24, 2023

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How often do you walk by the window of an upscale florist or see a stunning bouquet in a hotel lobby and think: “I could do that!” Maybe you can. That said, making a beautiful flower arrangement requires a little more planning than you probably realize. 

You may not make a picture window ready arrangement on the first try, but if you follow some smart ground rules, the result will likely be beautiful. Of course it helps to start with an amazing selection of florals. 

Not sure you’re ready to start making your own bouquets? If you live in the garden state and need flower delivery, New Jersey has several great options for fresh flowers and some of the rarest blooms to beautify your home. 

Ready to start decorating your own display? Absorb the following guidelines. 

Focus on 1 or 2 Colors 
Don’t make your first DIY flower arrangements too complicated — keep the colors simple. There’s nothing wrong with a monotone flower arrangement. In the right space it can be a stunning statement. Two complementary colors also works well. By limiting the tonal range, you have a much better change of success. Given the colors you use, it can also appear elegant.

Consider a Theme

When you’re developing a bouquet, you should certainly consider the colors of the room where the flowers will be displayed. You can also consider a theme. For example, if you’re having a Mardi Gras party, you may want to consider colors such as canary, grape and green. 

One of the bouquets made in the below video has a tropical theme. The creator uses large tropical leaves to make a big statement and sources several plants from countries with similar climates. When the royals are in the news, plenty of people research the history of regal flowers to get inspiration. If you’re stumped for a floral concept, you may want to dream big to inspire an interesting look. 

Create texture and patterns
Now that you have your flowers you’re going to need to arrange them. Yes, that’s the hard part, but if you keep pausing to look at the whole picture it shouldn’t be hard to create patterns, the same way you do when you’re doodling. 

Upcycled Vases
Potential vases can be found in a lot of different places. In the above video, Theodore Leaf reuses candle glasses for shorter vases that can be used on a long table. You can also turn liquor bottles, thrift store crystal, mason jars and plenty of other glassware into creative shabby chic containers. Measure your flowers against your container Not sure what height to trim your flowers? Hold them up against your flowers and see how much you would like to see coming out of the top. Very often you want the flowers to extend just above the container.

Line the vase with a wide leaf

Don’t like the look of the stems bunched up at the bottom of the vase? In many arrangements, they look beautiful. In some, the stems distract from the flowers. If you want to give your vase an organic style, line it with a leaf to give it a clean look. 

Give the leaves a Clean Look
Ever wonder why some arrangements look more sleek and elegant that others? Part of that style is created by trimming the flowers. Take the aging petals off the outside of the bulb flowers, strip the leaves from the bottom two-thirds of the stem, leaving only the top third. You may think that you’re throwing away an essential part of the flower. The result will be a more stylish arrangement. 

Group flowers for Impact 
When you’re arranging the flowers in a bouquet, you may be tempted to distribute everything evenly throughout the bunch. After creating a “canvas” of flowers with the more plush petals you can then make small pops throughout that canvas with small groups of flowers that balance each other. 

Keep it together
If you ever wonder how professional florists keep the bouquet tight, they do it with rubber bands. It may seem obvious, but you’ll want to have several strong ones handy for that will work for the size of the stems you’re using. If you want to roll up leaves to use for an accent, you may also need a stapler handy.

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