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Posted by on Jul 18, 2013

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Mary Janes and Galoshes


With crafting comes many small tools, paper scraps, bundles of yarn and other sundry crafting supplies. It can be difficult to keep all of these supplies in order, but there are plenty of awesome and creative organizing techniques you can use for just this purpose. If you’re lucky enough to have your own craft room, some of these organizing ideas can maximize your space and add some crafty pizzazz. If you’re looking for some solutions for how to organize your craft room, or even just some organizing tips for your supplies, check these out!

A drawer filled with dividers made from cereal boxes
Cereal Box Dividers

As a crafter, you may have various kinds of crafting scissors, scraps of scrapbooking paper and plenty of markers. To keep all those straight, drawer dividers might come in handy. And there’s something right in your kitchen that you can use for that: cereal boxes! This tutorial details how you can measure some cereal boxes to the height of your drawer, cut them down, and decorate them to fit in your drawer. This is a great organizing idea for any tidbits you might have laying around right now. 
For more information on this organizing tip, visit IHeart Organizing.
A large coffee can surrounded by smaller tin cans, all filled with crafting supplies
Tin Can Caddy

Here’s another great idea for how to organize items like scissors, paint brushes and pencils. If you don’t have your own craft room or a drawer to dedicate to these kinds of items, you might want something like this tin can caddy. Find some spare tin cans lying around, and affix some fabric to the outside to make them a bit more interesting. You can use a large coffee can as the centerpiece and then attach smaller cans to the coffee can to create a cluster of organization. For easier use, you can even put the cans on a lazy susan to reach all your supplies whenever you need them.
For more information on this organizing idea, visit Cynthia Shaffer.
Ribbon and wrapping paper organized on wooden dowels
Wrapping Paper and Ribbons

Some of the easiest crafting supplies to get messed up or disorganized are wrapping paper and ribbons. Often, when birthdays, Christmas or other occasions come around, you might not be able to find those crucial elements to your holiday preparation. This wrapping paper and ribbon station is made from plywood, dowel rods and hooks. The crafty organization station can be placed in a closet or out of the way behind a door. Instead of having these things jumbled together in a closet somewhere, they can be where you’ll need them. 
For more information on this organizing tip, visit Censational Girl.
A three-tiered organization station made from silver pie tins and candlesticks painted blue
Pie Tin Organizer

This organizing tip is simply a stroke of genius! If you’re wondering how to organize little bits and bobs in an elegant and creative way, then this is the craft room organization project for you. All you need are some pie tins and some old candlesticks. First, you might want to paint the candlesticks to give them a brighter look. Then glue one of the candlesticks in your bottom pie tin, and glue the other between your middle tin and top tin. You can keep crafting supplies or school supplies in the bottom tins, and a snack in the top one! 
For more information on this organizing idea, visit MaryJanes and Galoshes.
Glitter in salt shakers that are in a silver container with a handle
Organizing Glitter

As I’m sure you know, glitter is one of the hardest crafting supplies to corral and keep organized. It has a notorious reputation for getting on absolutely everything! So the big question is how to organize it. One blogger has come up with a great solution to this: salt and pepper shakers! Shirley found a really neat container that can hold a bunch of small salt shakers. But you can find salt shakers in all kinds of different shapes. Pick out some really quirky ones and show off your personality while organizing your glitter!
For more information on this organizing tip, visit Organize Things.
Many miniature bolts of fabric organized on a book shelf
Mini Fabric Bolts

How do you organize fabric? You could fold it, bundle it up, or throw it haphazardly into a drawer. Any of these organizing ideas are valid, but a great tip idea is making your fabric into mini bolts. This tutorial suggests using comic storage boards, which you can find at a comic book store or online through Amazon. All you have to do is fold your fabric selvedge to selvedge, then fold it in half lengthwise. Place your comic board at one end and wrap the fabric around it. Now you’ve got a handy way to shelve your fabric!
For more information on this organizing idea, visit Smashed Peas and Carrots.

Credits: IHeart Organizing, Cynthia Shaffer, Censational Girl, MaryJanes and Galoshes, Organize Things, and Smashed Peas and Carrots.

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