Smart Storage Ideas for Your Craft Materials

Posted by on Jun 10, 2022

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Did you make a New Year's resolution to organize your craft materials? Have you still not kept it? You're not alone! Whenever you finally decide it's the right time to organize all your craft supplies — do it — and keep them organized throughout the year! Start with something simple, like these file racks turned supply storage from Pretty Prudent. Can you believe all these supplies were once stored in a drawer?

There are plenty more ways you can tackle your crazy-messy craft room. Check out some of our favorite craft storage tips and start organizing.

Craft Cart

Sometimes the real burden is little things, trifles like corks, styrofoam balls, scissors, cupboards, and all the things you’ll need at some point, yet they always get lost due to their size and weight. An interesting solution is creating a craft cart (see the lead image) where you can store away these things in the different compartments. If you put it on wheels, you can always move it away if it starts to take up space or you are renovating.

Lolly Jane
Vintage Suitcases for Storage Boxes
If you appreciate the design of vintage suitcases but never have a good reason to buy them at the flea market, here's one. Store craft materials in them and line them up on shelves. Very stylish and sensible idea from Lolly Jane.
Simplicity in the South
Ice Cube Trays for Small Pieces
We love the idea of storing smaller craft materials like thimbles, sewing needles and even sewing machine feet in ice cube trays — and we especially love the fun star shapes. See even more craft supply organizing tips from Simplicity in the South.
Crazy Little Projects
Fabric Bins
Colorful fabric bins make craft supply storage both easy and fun. You can even add your own labels to easily find what you need. See the before and after photos, plus more detailed shots of this space, at Crazy Little Projects.
Storage Unit
Sometimes, no matter how well you organize everything within your garage or craft shed, and try to make the best out of every free square inch, you still have more than you can store. Now you are facing quite the dilemma. Those who cannot part withose extra skeins can get additional room by renting a cheap storage unit. Storage units are the perfect way to put away all your craft materials safely and protect them from any harmful conditions.
Handmade Kids / Two Twenty One
Cups and Jars 
Cups and jars are perfect for storing away the really little things you otherwise would either throw away or simply lose. They are also perfect for pencils, markers, and crayons.

Generally, the ideas can vary depending on your creativity and personal needs. You’ll have to take into account, among other things, the type of material or tool you are storing away. For example, fragile materials should be in a more safe environment away from water or anything that could harm them, while sharp tools should always be out of the kid’s reach.
Drain pipe as yarn storage
Rae from Jane’s Girl Designs via Craftaholics Anonymous
PVC Yarn Holders
You'll never guess what this yarn is stored in. Buy a PVC drain pipe and cut it into sections, then place the yarn inside. Brilliant! There are plenty more genius tips. You can tour an entire craft room of ideas on Craftaholics Anonymous.
Chalkboard paint label file cabinet
Mox and Fodder
Filing Cabinet Makeover with Blackboard Paint
Chalkboard paint comes in handy for all kinds of home organizing. We love this idea from Mox and Fodder for painting a file cabinet with chalkboard paint and then labeling each drawer. It's perfect for crafters who are constantly rearranging their supplies. Find out more about the filing cabinet makeover and see more chalkboard paint organizing ideas.
Magnetic craft storage board
The Country Chic Cottage
Wall Mounted Storage
Think vertically! Wall-mounted storage is ideal if you don't have a lot of space. This magnetic board holds dozens of tins full of your smallest supplies — and the clear lid lets you know exactly what's in each one. Get this and more crafty storage ideas from The Country Chic Cottage.

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