How to Maintain Clean Cupboards and Perfect Pantries

Posted by on Jan 11, 2022

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Are you in need of some kitchen organization ideas? The kitchen can be one of the most difficult rooms in your house to organize. There are so many items of different types that it can be hard to decide where they should go. Here are some creative ideas for organizing your kitchen.

Plastic containers as pull-out drawers
Pretend Pull-Outs
Pull-out drawers are a great way to organize your kitchen, but they may be too expensive to install. Instead, try this substitute: plastic containers. Just find yourself some containers that are large enough to fit the depth of your cabinets and you’ve got your own makeshift pull-outs. For more information, visit Everyday Organizing.

Plastic racks hung in a cabinet
Cabinet Racks
Sometimes cabinets have too much vertical space that doesn't accommodate your not-so-stackable items. To store container lids or other loose items, add under-the-shelf racks that utilize all that vertical space. This kitchen organizing idea is a great way to clear up stray cabinet clutter. For more information, visit The Hyper House.

Plastic racks hung inside the pantry
Pantry Organization
Organization can mean one large change, but it can also mean lots of little changes to one area of the kitchen, such as the pantry. There are plenty of kitchen organizing ideas you can apply to your pantry, including plastic containers for cereal and pasta, helpful lists tacked to the doors, and racks for small packages. For more information, visit Make Bake Celebrate.

Cabinet rod hung under the sink
Cabinet Rod
This next kitchen organization idea is a great way to save cabinet space by lifting some things off the cabinet floor. To tidy up the cleaning supplies you keep under your sink, try installing a tension rod that they can hang on. This also creates more room for storing other items. For more information, visit A Thousand Words.

Rod hung to organize pot lids
Pot-and-Pan Organizer
Organizing your pots and pans can be a pain. To make that one cabinet in your kitchen a bit more organized, try using dish racks to stand up your muffin and cupcake tins. Another great tip is to install a tension rod on the cabinet door to hold your lids! For more information, visit One Good Thing.

Hidden corkboard for kitchen organization
Hidden Organizer
Usually, you might store your notes and schedules on the fridge or on a bulletin board somewhere out in the open. But both of those options can become so cluttered. That’s a problem that this hidden organizer solves. With this bulletin board mounted inside a cabinet, you can clear fridge clutter and clean up your kitchen! For more information, visit Two Twenty One.

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