6 Kids' Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014

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These days it seems like every kid’s birthday party has an amazing and creative theme. There are some truly great party ideas out there, but it can be hard to pin them down. These six party theme ideas might help you get started. There are party ideas here for both girls and boys, and the celebrations cover many different interests that your child might have. Some of the birthday party themes even come with printable materials, too, to make party planning even easier.

A pink dinosaur with a flower on its back
Girl’s Dinosaur Party

This first theme is a great one — a dinosaur party for girls! Who says that only little boys like dinosaurs? The motif for this party is sort of like a dinosaur tea party, and it’s completely adorable. There are pink plastic dinosaurs, tissue paper trees towering over them, and some printable invitations that you can use for your party. 
For more information on this kid’s party theme, visit Confetti Sunshine.
Cookies shaped like Lego figurine heads
Lego Party

Does your son or daughter love to build and play with Legos? Then this might be the perfect party theme for them and their friends. This party theme has goodie bags, a birthday sign in the familiar Lego font and Lego block stands for displaying your birthday treats. There are even cookies shaped and decorated like the heads of Lego people. This theme also has some printables that you can use at your party!
For more information on this kid’s party theme, visit Wants and Wishes.
A table with ice cream supplies and a Hello Kitty banner
Hello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty is a beloved character and you can easily make some party materials with the fun, bright colors of Hello Kitty. This party theme looks great and it includes banners, a refreshments table, ice cream cups and a whole ice cream station. Everything is designed with the red and teal colors of Hello Kitty products. And, of course, there’s a Hello Kitty shaped cake!
For more information on this kid’s party theme, visit Big K, Little K.
A party invitation shaped like a spaceship
Space Party

Many kids are interested in space, space travel and other planets. Any good party begins with a good, well-designed invitation to announce the party. There is a CraftFoxes post about making the perfect spaceship invitation. All you need is some colored construction paper or cardstock, and gold glitter paint for the party information and decorative accents. These invitations are super simple to make and will show your guests what your party is all about!
For more information on this kid’s party theme, visit this CraftFoxes post.
A refreshments table with a Snow White silhouette on the wall
Snow White Party

Almost every little girl has a favorite Disney princess. If your daughter is a big fan of Snow White, this party theme will definitely appeal to her. All of the materials for this party theme are absolutely gorgeous, and many of them are available as printables. There is an invitation, a birthday banner and much more. This would be a beautiful, enchanting party for any child who loves Snow White!
For more information on this kid’s party theme, visit Anders Ruff.
A refreshments table with penants on the front
Sports Party

This is the perfect party theme for any child who’s interested in sports. As you can see, there are lots of things you can do to make a sports-themed party. This party theme includes so many creative elements — pennants for each refreshment table, a dugout where the kids can eat, sports-themed foods, labels for all the refreshments and so much more. Everything in this theme ties together and looks great!
For more information on this kid’s party theme, visit Bloom Designs.

Credits: Confetti Sunshine, Wants and Wishes, Big K Little K, CraftFoxes, Anders Ruff, and Bloom Designs.

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