6 Snazzy IKEA Hacks for your Home

Posted by on Apr 11, 2019

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I don’t know about you, but IKEA is one of my favorite places to shop for home decor. They always have interesting designs, and their pieces are pretty affordable. Another great thing about IKEA furniture and furnishings is that they’re extremely customizable. While many IKEA’s offerings are great on their own, they also provide the opportunity for creative decoration and even conversion into other types of furniture. The following craft projects are all “IKEA hacks,” which are projects that involve customization of IKEA products for your own use. There are tons of these on the Internet, but these six ideas should get you started. 

A table made from an old wooden door balanced on two metal trestles
IKEA Trestle Table

This IKEA hack will make a table that is chic, interesting and a definite conversation piece in your home. All you’ll need for this project is an old door, or a piece of scrap wood. To make the wood more interesting, you could paint it or add some varnish. In addition to the wood, you’ll need to buy two trestles from IKEA. The original blog post says that the trestles come in gray and white, and on IKEA they’re only $15 a piece. This project is great because the IKEA trestles don’t cost that much, and you can recycle some wood you have lying around the house!
For more information on this IKEA hack, visit Content in a Cottage.
A lamp attached to a metal accordion mounted to the wall
IKEA Accordion Lamp

If you’re looking to shed some light on your workspace, this IKEA hack might be the perfect thing for you. I love this project because it’s so quirky! You’ll need a IKEA “Fräck” accordion bathroom mirror, a clamp light and some other hardware supplies. Simply remove the mirror from the accordion piece, or just don’t assemble them when you buy the mirror from IKEA. Replace the mirror with your clamp light. Then attach the accordion to a plaque or piece of wood, and then mount that to the wall. When you’re finished, you’ll have a handy light solution that can be pushed back to the wall if you’d like it out of the way. 
For more information on this IKEA hack, visit Poppytalk.
A yellow rug stenciled with a pattern in white paint
IKEA Rug Makeover

A simple, unpatterned rug from IKEA can be a bit bland. To add some more pizzazz to a blank rug, you can use some decorative stencils. All you’ll need for this IKEA hack is a plain rug of any size, shape or color, and a stencil in any shape you’d like. The original blog post for this rug makes use of a Moroccan sort of design, and the site offers a template for this stencil. You only need to print one of these stencils. Lay the stencil on the rug and trace it, or fill it in, with some fabric paint. You can put the shapes right next to each other, or stagger them around the rug. It’s all up to you!
For more information on this IKEA hack, visit A Little Bit of Everything.
A wooden table painted white, with a design inset into each side
Chic IKEA Desk

A plain, wooden desk can be made a bit more interesting simply by adding a wooden detail between the legs. This IKEA hack calls for an IKEA “Ingo” basic, unfinished dining table. This particular design closes up the bottom between the two legs on each side, then adds a smaller square in the center and connects that to the outer legs with small wooden rods. The result is a neat statement piece from a very simple table. The finished product looks a lot more like a desk, too. You can add any design you’d like to the sides and you can paint the piece any color you’d like. It’s an affordable hack that’ll give you a great-looking new desk!
For more information on this IKEA hack, visit Matsutake.
A kitchen cart painted white with the word "EAT" stenciled on the side
IKEA Kitchen Cart Makeover

This madeover kitchen cart would be an adorable addition to anyone’s kitchen. For this hack, you’ll need IKEA’s “Bekväm” kitchen cart. The original poster of this craft painted the cart white, then stenciled and painted on the word “EAT” to add a bit more decoration. She also added some hooks along the side to hang towels or kitchen utensils, and she installed a bottle opener right on the side of the cart. With all of these customizations, the cart is a great accessory if you’re having guests over for dinner. And the decorations will snaz it up to impress your guests. You can even paint the cart to match the color scheme of your kitchen.
For more information on this IKEA hack, visit Fun Kyti Me.
Pink storage boxes with ric-rac and ribbons around the edge
IKEA Storage Boxes

One of the most iconic IKEA products, in my mind, is their canvas storage boxes. These can be placed in IKEA shelves or in drawers to hold your sundry items. Sure, these boxes are fine on their own, but this hack adds a cute little flair to personalize them. The original blogger used “Drona” boxes that fit perfectly into the IKEA “expedit” shelves. The decorative modifications are made by sewing some ric-rac and pom-pom trim onto a ribbon. The ribbon can match the color of the box, or it can be a complementary color instead. Then you simply attach the snazzy ribbon to the box with hot glue!
For more information on this IKEA hack, visit House of Hepworths.

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