Pottery Barn Knockoffs for Your Home

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013

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Remember that episode of Friends in which Phoebe wants to boycott Pottery Barn because it’s all mass-produced merchandise? Well, Phoebe ends up loving an apothecary table from Pottery Barn and we think that she could have solved her problem by simply creating her own knockoff table. Let’s face it, Pottery Barn is super expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of blogs and craft sites out there that offer up suggestions for making your own Pottery Barn-esque pieces. Here are six ideas that should get you going on the way to your own DIY Pottery Barn decor!

A red pillow with a valentine telegram written in French stitched to the front
French Valentine Pillow

This classy pillow is the perfect couch accessory to lend your home a bit of that French villa feel. This knockoff is super simple, too. All you need is a pillow in the color and size of your choice, and the graphic, which one blogger offers as a free, iron-on printable for your convenience. You can find a pillow to use at a thrift shop, or you could even sew your own. Simply iron on the French valentine graphic (or any other graphic that you’d like on your pillow) to a piece of fabric, and then stitch that fabric to your pillow.
For more instructions on this Pottery Barn knockoff, visit Confessions of a Plate Addict.
A dresser with a vintage, worn black paint finish
Black Paint Finish

That vintage black paint finish is not only found at Pottery Barn, but at other expensive home decor stores as well. Instead of spending all that money, why not create your own black paint finish on a cabinet, desk or dresser? This tutorial includes a step-by-step video on YouTube that you can pause and follow along with at your own pace. The process is a bit lengthy, but if you can find a good piece of furniture at a bargain price, adding this vintage finish to it will be well worth your time.
For full directions on this Pottery Barn knockoff, visit The Yellow Cape Cod.
A memo board made from a white frame and French-themed fabric inside
Memo Board

Here is a great piece to put in your office or workspace if you need a place to pin up more crafting inspiration. For this craft, you’ll need to find an old frame of some kind at a thrift store or garage sale. Once you’ve found that perfect base piece, simply give it a new coat of paint and a snazzy, patterned sheet of fabric to give it that vintage, Pottery Barn look. This particular crafter used some French-themed fabric and white paint, which really spruces up the old frame. This would be a great place to create your own Pinterest board in the physical world rather than online.
For more directions on this Pottery Barn knockoff, visit Decorated Chaos.
Several decorative balls made of twine in a bronze bird cage
Decorative Balls

These decorative balls are something you often see on coffee tables or end tables in Pottery Barn and other catalogues. The good news is that they’re easy to create on your own! You’ll need some spray paint, twine and Styrofoam balls. Spray paint your twine in any color you’d like, and then start coiling it or attaching it to the Styrofoam balls. Add hot glue along the way so that the twine sticks to your Styrofoam balls. The finished product can be put in a decorative bowl or a cage as shown here.
For more instructions on this Pottery Barn knock-off, visit V and CO.
Three cylindrical candles, all covered in map-patterned scrapbook paper
Map Candles

Candles are all the rage these days, and decorated candles can give a nice, classy edge to any room as well as giving it a homey atmosphere. All you need for this DIY craft is some candles, map-patterned scrapbook paper or an old atlas and Mod Podge. Clip out a section of the map to cover your candle, and then affix it with the Mod Podge. Once it’s dry, all that’s left is to burn the candles on a quiet evening at home.
For complete instructions on this Pottery Barn knockoff, visit The Inspired Housewife.
A pillow with a large letter C stitched on the front
Monogrammed Pillow

Here is another great pillow craft that you can make for your home. You can either buy a pillow at the thrift store or sew your own. To create the monogram for the front of the pillow, simply print out a guide of the letter in the font you’d like and trace it on some felt. Cut the letter out of the felt and attach it to your pillow with fabric glue, or by sewing it on. This would be a great accessory for a kid’s room with the first letter of their name as the monogram.
For full directions on this Pottery Barn knockoff, visit The Decorated House.

Credits: Confessions of a Plate Addict, The Yellow Cape Cod, Decorated Chaos, V and CO, The Inspired Housewife, and The Decorated House.

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